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Industrial design furniture and open planning in 50 pictures

Industrial design furniture -staircase-brick wall-kitchen-open-plan-chandelier

Without a doubt they are Industrial design furniture very popular for furnishing rooms with open planning, especially among the younger generation. This style is characterized by factory furniture made of raw, coarse materials such as wood and steel, floors made of exposed concrete and an elongated section of the room, similar to warehouses.

Industrial design furniture – Chesterfield style leather couch

Industrial design furniture -wood floor-sofa-chesterfield-armchair-leather-yellow

The charm of this furnishing style arises from the charm of the used, sturdy found objects that can easily be remodeled. A casual, casual ambience is achieved, in which emphasis is placed on the functional with an unmistakable character. Signs of use and scratches, flaked paint and brand stamps are not regarded here as defects, but as special characteristics. However, such industrial design furniture is very easy to maintain, as the used look suits them very well.

Industrial design furniture and open planning not only possible for lofts

Industrial design furniture -table-chairs-poufs-pendant lamps-black-ceiling

The industrial design can also be conjured up in an average apartment with little diligence. So you don’t necessarily have to have an empty hall. For wall and floor design, choose plaster, natural wood, brick or exposed concrete. Any craftsman can certainly do that. If you need more light in the room, paint the walls white. Keep the furnishing line simple monochrome and decorate with items that can be found in old factories – advertising or street signs, industrial lamps or rough-framed mirrors. Furniture and accessories made of metal often have bright colors such as signal red or bright yellow and are wonderfully suitable as colored accents. Linen and cotton are preferred for the home textiles that go with the industrial design furniture.

What industrial design furniture?

Industrial design furniture -eames-chair-desig classics-sloping roof-partition-wall-cladding-wood

For a real vintage look, we recommend industrial design furniture with a touch of 60s charm. Well-preserved chests of drawers, sideboards, wall shelves and other furniture made of real wood or metal go well with the industrial style. Beautiful and high-quality new products from design classics are available at a good price from Knoll or Vitra. Of course, you can also go hunting for valuable pieces of furniture at the flea market. We would advise against patterned upholstered furniture or those in intense colors. Instead, choose natural colors and fabrics such as linen, cotton or leather. A sofa in Chesterfield design is sure to be an eye-catcher in your home.

Industrial design furniture stands for extravagance

Industrial design furniture -loft-design-stairs-concrete wall-couch-pallet-decoration-monochrome

Industrial design for living spaces stands for extravagance and high-contrast combinations of different pieces of furniture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive furniture, you can make a lot yourself from pallets, for example. Solid, high-quality materials can be wonderfully redesigned and processed. In this way, an old country house table can be given a new top and becomes a unique piece with the flair of the old days.

Away from mass production with industrial design furniture

Industrial design furniture -chairs-yellow-ladder-shelf-indirect-lighting-brick wall

Authentic, high quality furniture in industrial design style

Industrial design furniture -pendulum-lights-black-couch-gray-couch-parquet-floor-indirect-lighting

Use wood as a contrast to cold, metal elements

Industrial design furniture -open-planning-kitchen-lattice windows-loft-dining table-carpet-turquoise

Industrial-chic design furniture 

Industrial design furniture -monochrome-light gray-lattice windows-city apartment-view

Monochrome colors and materials such as concrete, wood and natural fabrics

Industrial design furniture -modern-living room-concrete ceiling-monochrome-dining table-couch

Rough brick walls in the loft apartment

Industrial Design Furniture modern-loft-chandelier-brick wall-fireplace-open-shelves-metal

Modern apartment with industrial style flair

industrial-design-furniture-modern-lights-light-bulbs-red-wood-high-gloss-gray-plaster-stainless steel

Industrial style sofa in monochrome colors

industrial-design-furniture-couch-fabric-cover-dark gray-wooden floor-kitchen-open-small

Large black and white poster 


You can do a lot yourself

industrial-design-furniture-couch-cotton-sloping roof-skylight-carpet-gray

Exposed concrete walls are typical of industrial design

industrial-design-furniture-concrete-wall-floorboards-lattice windows-corner couch-gray-stairs

Industrial furniture to imitate and embellish 


Leather couches in Chesterfield design and lattice windows

industrial-design-furniture-leather-couch-coffee table-glass-top-lattice-window-pendant-lights-glass

Accents in intense colors


industrial-design-furniture-concrete-ceiling-concrete-floor-living room-dining room-table-chairs

industrial-design-furniture-concrete-floor-pallets-black-couch-brick wall-white-posters


Industrial design furniture - brick wall - pendant lights - white - kitchen - open - dining table - concrete block

Industrial design furniture -brick wall-couch-turquoise-fireplace-open-rocking-chair-pipes

Industrial design furniture - kitchen - white - high gloss - dining table - brick wall - white - wooden beams

Industrial design furniture -kitchen-wall-black-chalk-writing-dining-table-chairs-wood

industrial-design-furniture-industrial-lamps-one-room-apartment-bedroom-brick wall-gray-tv

industrial-design-furniture-wooden floor-stairs-photos-black-white-brick-wall-lighting

industrial-design-furniture-wooden floor-dining-table-living room-window-curtains-pendant-lights-concrete walls

industrial-design-furniture-dining-table-black-chairs-cantilever-brick wall-white-pendant lights-lattice windows

industrial-design-furniture-white-open-planning-living room-loft-loft

industrial-design-furniture-tv-wall-carpet-turquoise-mustard-yellow-armchair-couch-kitchen-small apartment

industrial-design-furniture-stairs-number-lattice-sloping roof-skylight-room


industrial-design-furniture-stairs-concrete-ceiling-wood-floor-wall cladding-perforated sheet metal


industrial-design-furniture-bathroom-brick-wall-shower-cubicle-toilet-window-white-pendant light


industrial-design-furniture-concrete walls-bathroom-bathtub-console-pillars



industrial-design-furniture-practical-one-room-apartment-metal-construction-stair-pendant lamp

industrial-design-furniture-maritime-bench-chest of drawers-cupboard-pendant-lamp-industrial lamp-terracotta tiles