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Industrial chic – design in an attic apartment

From Thank Balabank – 2Be Group Studio, Kiev, Ukraine

 exciting design in the living area

Thanks to its exciting interior, this attic apartment is proof that Industrial chic can look elegant and cozy at the same time. Thank Balbank’s fabulous design scheme is by no means impersonal or cold. The spacious attic apartment was furnished with a lot of imagination in an ultra modern, but pleasant way. 2B Studio categorically proved that ‘concrete can look warm, wood – smooth and metal – soft‘. The apartment extends over three floors with an open living area.

Penthouse apartment – industrial chic

modern library in the apartment

Every type of modern material was used for the design – Industrial chic used. The aesthetic qualities of the materials are combined in a unique way, so that the end result is a functional interior design. The designers chose the decoration with a lot of humor – graffiti in the children’s bedroom, the walls in the bathroom, the black board in the dining room and the amusing hideaway of the toilet in the living area. The toilet was disguised as a container.

Industrial chic in a modern apartment

modern wall decoration

exciting design - bathroom

The whole apartment looks like a work of art. Materials, textures, patterns and shapes have been carefully selected –  Industrial chic pure! The walls are traditionally painted in neutral colors so that the fun decor can come into its own.  Industrial chic does not exclude plants – as a planted wall proves. The green nature looks fresh and contrasts with the modern interior. A roof terrace with handmade benches, a cozy fireplace and a glazed pavilion promises exciting evenings and offers a beautiful view of the city.

by Jaz

Wooden furniture in the dining room

modern attic apartment with exciting interior

modern attic apartment with hidden toilet

modern wall decoration – living room

interesting wall decoration in the living room

funny children’s room – modern furniture

funny nursery design

modern bedroom – apartment

modern bedroom - penthouse apartment

modern interior – planted wall

modern attic-wall with plants

elegant roof terrace with glass pavilion

elegant roof terrace with fireplace