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How to design your bay window – 50+ practical and stylish ideas!

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Many years ago there was hardly a single family home without it – the bay window. But even today, many architects like to include it in the planning of apartments and houses and will not go out of fashion for a long time. With its large window front, the porch not only brings a lot of light into the room, but also makes it appear larger. When considering how you could use your bay window sensibly, the existing size plays a very important role. If there is enough space, you could place a dining area or a corner sofa. Or would you prefer a reading corner and more storage space? You will find these and many other inspirations on how to design your bay window in our article!

Design bay windows – ideas and inspiration

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A bay window is a covered and closed porch on the house facade that extends over one or more floors. They were particularly popular in the Middle Ages and were often used for defense purposes by installing them as loopholes on buildings. But today more and more people want to design their bay windows in such a way that it lets more light into the house and gives the rooms an unmistakable charm. It can be decorated in many different ways and can give your home either a classic and traditional look or a sleek and modern look. Bay windows are particularly popular among individualists as an expression of their own creativity. With the right decoration, they quickly become a small oasis of relaxation and a highlight in every room.

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When designing a bay window, for example, you can set a nice accent in the room. Through the use of different textures, decorative pillows and rich colors, it turns into the center of the room. It offers you an excellent opportunity to build in different structures for storage. Regardless of whether it is drawers, shelves or cupboards – there are no limits to your creativity.

Design bay windows – what to look out for?

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A bay window is a particularly beautiful living element that adorns the entire facade and the interior of your apartment perfectly. In order to be allowed to integrate one, however, you absolutely need a building permit. You can either adapt the floor to the rest of the room or you can consciously set contrasts. Think about whether you will need extra lighting or sockets. Filigree fairy lights, for example, create a particularly elegant and playful atmosphere.

Create stylish bay windows in the living room

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Bay windows in the living room are particularly popular and always need to be decorated with special attention, as this is the room where you receive your guests. The design should best harmonize with the room. Either round or square bay windows are possible. The decisive factor in this case is the room – a round bay window in the living room can be wonderfully filled with a sofa, for example. A matching corner bench that has the same shape is not only very stylish but also particularly practical. You could use the space underneath as storage space for anything. In order to be able to use the space optimally, we recommend a custom-made bench. You can adjust the height perfectly to the length of the bay window so that you can always enjoy the view. Make them a real eye-catcher by covering them with your favorite fabric and decorating them with color-coordinated pillows.

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There is never enough seating in an apartment. With this in mind, a bay window is great for when you have visitors and the sofa is at full capacity. If you have a rather narrow bay window with wide window sills, this can easily be converted into a comfortable window seat. Simply get nice, thick cushions for the windowsill and set them up the way you want. Such a wonderful seat is perfect for drinking coffee or reading a book and at the same time you can enjoy the view of the outside.

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A bay window can be designed in a particularly stylish and practical way by converting it into a cozy reading corner. Since this place in the room is bright and warm in the winter months, it is also very suitable for growing various tropical plants. For example, climbing plants or hanging baskets look very elegant and weightless, as they give the bay window more depth. Planted lightbulbs on the glass flasks are also particularly popular this year. With the coordinated home accessories, such as a cozy carpet or a small coffee table, the bay window ensures even more comfort and cosiness. And what would a reading corner be without books? An integrated bookshelf is also a real eye-catcher.

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A bay window can also be designed in the kitchen. It offers the perfect area for your dining table. Because what could be nicer than being able to admire the view outside with a delicious meal or a glass of wine? It’s safe to say that a bay window is the most comfortable place in any home. So you will not only give the room an individual character, but also get a lot of additional space. If the bay window is more angular, it is best to fit a corner bench in it. If round shapes predominate, a small, round dining table is ideal for this.

Integrate the kitchenette in the bay window

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This idea is a bit unusual, but by no means impossible. It is true that in very few cases you will be able to put in a complete kitchenette, but a small and practical worktop with built-in appliances such as a stove and a sink should definitely be possible. If the bay window is directly adjacent to your dining or living room, this solution offers great options for you! And best of all – through the many windows you will quickly and easily drive away all unpleasant kitchen smells.

Create a work corner in the bay window

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If you have to work from home at times, the bay window is a very apt place to put your desk. Lots of light and a subtle demarcation from the living room make this corner perfect for working. Also, taking a little pause from looking up and down is a great way to relax from the stress of work.

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You all know that natural light is the best friend for your hair and make-up. An antique dressing table in the bay window is not only very space-saving, but also looks particularly stunning and becomes a real eye-catcher in your bedroom.

Create bay windows like a small indoor garden

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All hobby gardeners can now be really happy – bay windows can be wonderfully set up as a small, green oasis. Thanks to the large windows there is enough light for your plants to grow. With the right lighting and comfortable seating, you can create a retreat for many relaxing hours. How about, for example, a retro rocking chair under a palm tree? This will give your apartment an exotic look and a good mood is simply inevitable!

Design a bedroom with a bay window

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Fewer people would put their bed directly in the corner, as it can get drafty through the window. In addition, you are not protected from the outside view here. We therefore recommend that you place your bed against the opposite wall and enjoy the beautiful view from there in the morning.

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A large bay window in the bathroom is the ideal place for a retro freestanding bathtub.

Design bay windows – the right home accessories

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A bay window should be set in scene accordingly, for example with the appropriate window decoration. Since it already has a round and pleasing architecture, you can work with romantic and playful forums and patterns. You should also make sure that you adapt everything to the room. If you have a modern apartment, for example furnished in a Scandinavian style, you should not choose old-fashioned or rustic decorations. Always make sure that the colors of the bay window and the decoration harmonize with each other.

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One of the most difficult tasks when designing a bay window is finding the right curtains and drapes. Ideally, the curtain rod would bend to follow the design of the windows, but unfortunately this is quite difficult. Three separate curtain rods, on the other hand, would be a much easier and better option. The choice of curtains is of course based on the total amount of light in the room. In darker rooms, these should be light or even transparent so that the atmosphere does not become too gloomy.

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