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How do you design your home with mirror tiles? – lots of ideas and inspirations!

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The use of mirrors for interior decoration has not been a novelty for a long time. Thanks to modern technology, however, the mirror is no longer just a piece of jewelry, but an independent finishing material. To give the interior a special expressiveness, more and more people and designers are turning to mirror tiles. They are ideal for the bathroom and hallway, but also for the bedroom or living room and can usually be attached to the desired surface with simple adhesive strips. Read on if you want to know how you can design your apartment with mirror tiles and be inspired by our picture gallery!

Designing an apartment with mirror tiles – different types

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Mirror tiles have a reflective surface. They are available from retailers as a complete kit and are supplied with the appropriate adhesive. If you want to design smaller areas, such as doors or cupboards, in your apartment with mirror tiles, the variants with double-sided adhesive tape are best. They are available in many different sizes – from the size of a mosaic stone up to 20 x 30 or 30 x 30 centimeters and are sold in a round or square shape, with or without decoration. If necessary, you can of course also have individual mirror tiles made with your own shapes or in special sizes. They are also offered made of mirror film, which are cut with scissors and attached with very simple adhesive pads.

Which rooms and surfaces design with mirror tiles?

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Mirror tiles add a special touch to your home. They are particularly well suited to make smaller rooms, such as corridors, appear brighter and to enlarge them optically. In addition, the lighting is mirrored and the light is amplified by the mirror effect. A small and dark corridor looks much larger and brighter. To make low rooms look higher, you should design the ceiling with mirror tiles – these create an extraordinary effect above your bed or the dining table. In the living room or dining room, they can reflect the light and thus achieve a positive effect. But first take a look at what is reflected in the room besides the light. When the mirror tiles are placed behind a floor vase, it looks like a special accent. A reflected painting or bookshelf will also look particularly good. In the bathroom, they achieve a very nice effect when they are incorporated into a tiled wall and framed by border tiles.

Laying mirror tiles – instructions

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You can easily make your home shine by adding mirror tile to a few walls. What you should pay attention to and instructions will follow soon!

  • Decide in advance the pattern you want to use and also measure the wall to be laid. Getting the right measurements can help prevent buying too many mirror tiles.
  • Make sure the wall you plan to use the mirror tiles to decorate is clean. All unsealed surfaces must be primed. Since a water-based primer can potentially flake off, it’s better to use an oil-based one.

Mirror tiles in the hallway wooden wall apartment furnishing ideas

  • Once the surface is prepared, mark a straight line with a pencil and get started!
  • Use double-sided tape and place five small drops on the back – one piece in each corner and one in the rental of the mirror tile. You have about 20-30 seconds after applying the adhesive to position the tile.
  • Place the mirror tile on the straight line and press firmly. Add the other mirror tiles by working in vertical lines – the second comes over the first, the third over the second, and so on.
  • We recommend that you clean the mirror tiles with water from time to time during the entire installation so that no glue can dry on the surface.

Create a stylish bathroom with mirror tiles

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If your bathroom is on the small side, consider decorating it with mirror tiles – they open up the space and make it look twice as big. To achieve this effect, we recommend laying an entire wall or ceiling with it. If you want to use the tiles for decorative purposes only, you can experiment with different patterns and sizes. Larger bathrooms should be designed sensibly and, above all, in limited quantities with mirror tiles – for example as an accent above the sink or behind the bathtub. And remember – the beauty of the tiles can be highlighted with the help of good lighting.

Design the living room with mirror tiles

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You can use mirror tiles in the living room in many different ways. Whether on the walls, on the ceiling, on the floor or even on the furniture – the room will definitely look glamorous! If you decorate the walls with this finishing material, the room looks visually larger – it is even enough if you only design part of the wall with mirror tiles to achieve this effect. But if you want to decorate two opposing surfaces, place the tiles on different levels – this will avoid the effect of a tunnel. Place bright and colorful bouquets of flowers or original decorative objects nearby – these will be reflected in them and beautify the living room.

Design bedrooms with mirror tiles

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Mirror tiles will add a romantic and adventurous character to your bedroom. However, so that these are not directed at the bed and reflect your body, we recommend that you use them to decorate the wall at the head of your bed.

Design the kitchen or kitchen rear wall with mirror tiles

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Every modern kitchen nowadays is equipped with numerous pieces of furniture and appliances, so that an optical extension would definitely not hurt. To achieve this effect very easily, it is completely sufficient if you create a wall opposite the window with mirror tiles. Since these are easy to clean, the kitchen rear wall would also be worth considering.

Design the hallway with mirror tiles for a brighter apartment

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The hallways are usually the worst-lit places in an apartment. You can use mirror tiles to hide these imperfections. Use them on the wall or ceiling as an accent near lighting fixtures to make the room look brighter and sunnier.

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Mirror tiles are not just rectangular, they can have a wide variety of shapes so you can adapt them to any style of furniture. The hexagons, for example, are ideal for a minimalist apartment. Smaller areas can also be designed with mosaic mirror tiles.

Design an apartment with antique mirror tiles for a retro look

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If the normal tiles look too shiny or modern for you, you can opt for the vintage variant. In addition, these are also available in many different color nuances, such as gold. A refined and chic detail that gives your white kitchen a special shine and depth.

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Do you have old furniture that has seen better days but is too worthwhile to throw away? You can give these a fresh new look by decorating them with mirror tiles. This way, your old dresser will get a whole new look in less than an hour of work!

Use mirror tiles for a fresh garden decoration

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A few terracotta flower pots, which you design with mirror tiles, will liven up your garden or balcony and the flowers will look even more beautiful in them.

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One way you can make your home even more spectacular with mirror tiles would be to combine them with ceramic tiles. It will fit perfectly in your living room and the room will look extremely elegant, solemn and unique!

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