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How do wall paintings according to Feng Shui influence the energy of the house?

open living area kitchen gray sofa mural horse

Because we want to feel comfortable in our own four walls, we want to create a harmonious ambience. According to experts, the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui can bring harmony to our surroundings. The design of the apartment according to Feng Shui should make the chi flow. Colors, shapes, cardinal points – every element of the interior plays an important role. Even the pictures you choose for your home can greatly affect the effect of the energy. When choosing the pictures for the bedroom and kitchen, you need to be extra careful. Wherever we sleep and eat, everything should be charged with positive energy. The pictures are called “Fast Feng Shui” (or “Fast Balance”). The easiest way to balance and harmonize the flowing energy in the house is with pictures. In today’s article, we will tell you which basic rules you have to observe when choosing murals according to Feng Shui.

Avoid multi-part wall art according to Feng Shui

4-part picture of a French Bulldog in the hallway

Modular art is very popular these days. According to Feng Shui, it is extremely undesirable to divide a single picture into 3 parts. For example, a branch of a flowering cherry tree is a positive and fresh motif, but if you break it down into three parts, the harmony will be lost. However, if you want to arrange five of your most beautiful photos on the wall like a gallery, that’s fine. It looks even better when images are linked by a theme.

What murals according to Feng Shui in the bedroom?

Wall art over bed watercolor look man woman

Pictures hanging over the bed deserve special attention. When dreaming, the brain processes the impressions of the day. Therefore, you should opt for motifs and symbols that only evoke positive emotions and perceptions. Avoid hanging water pictures over the headboard as it will “wash away” your feelings of love. This arrangement can lead to deception and fraud.

If you’ve placed a mural of flowers at the headboard, there should be two flowers in the foreground. If the picture contains three flowers of the same size, it creates the impression of a love triangle – the third wheel on the cart that can affect your relationship.

Mural according to Feng Shui Yin solitary object raven

Avoid solitary objects

Individual figures stand for the dominance of either the yin energy (black, female, internal, earthly, heavy) or the yang energy (white, male, external, heavenly, light) in the picture. A mural showing a lonely semi-arid tree on a cliff is yin. This is a bad sign according to Feng Shui and can have a negative effect on the living environment.

Murals with Yang energy should also be avoided. These include, for example, images of streets or bridges in large cities, large streams of cars, city silhouettes, skylines. Such images only convey loneliness.

Mural spring fresh green tree leaves

“Growth pictures” help in the relationship

If you want to make your love relationship more fortunate, you should opt for a representation of growth, upswing or revival. This could be a spring landscape, for example. The birds are chirping, nature is awakening to new life, everything is in bloom. It is best to avoid pictures of autumn landscapes that show fallen leaves and melancholy.

Mural brook in the green forest

Murals according to Feng Shui for rooms with windows to an intersection

Pay attention to the right motifs, especially if your windows face an intersection. To create a balance to the noisy world “out there”, you can hang up a picture that conveys peace and harmony – for example of a beautiful waterfall. This picture will “wash away” negative external influences (remember, however, that this motif is not suitable for a bedroom).

For corner rooms (including bedrooms), murals of roses, peonies or a lotus are beneficial. Traditionally, these images are viewed as symbols of health, balance and happiness in love – especially the lotus.

Mural black white loving couple sad feelings

Original paintings can cause emotional damage

You need to be careful with original paintings by different artists. It is better to only hang these in large rooms or in large hallways. However, if it is a small space and you really want that canvas, it is better to hang copies of the paintings. It is not known what energy the artist brought into his work of art.

modern living room murals nature motifs monstera leaf pineapple

Choose images that convey “lightness of the soul” instead of “unsolved problems” 

The soul needs wings, lightness and space. Dandelions, for example, look very pleasant in their simple nature. Be careful with modern contemporary art. Incomprehensible images, abstract shapes and colors sometimes have a destructive power. If you want to hang pictures around the house that are difficult to understand and see, consider placing them in the office, for example.

Mural Abstract office black and white photographs of famous people

Do not hang photos of people who have passed away at home

Photos and pictures of deceased people, whether relatives, friends or famous people (scientists, writers, artists), bring negative energy into the living environment. It is best to keep these in photo albums and not hang them on the wall.

Murals according to Feng Shui for the living room Trees behind the sofa

Murals That Improve Financial Wellbeing

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui there are 5 basic elements: water, wood, fire, earth, metal. Everything that has to do with money is assigned to the wooden element, so pictures of trees and plants are perfect. The element of the East – wood – is strengthened by the element of water. Images that depict moving water, such as waterfalls and other water elements, including paintings with fish, are therefore in perfect harmony.

Feng Shui Murals The picture frames are also important

Murals for the living room according to Feng Shui sea moving water waves

Mural painting flower dining room wooden dining table

Mural sea ships golden light

Hallway design decoration of large murals with delicate flowers

Corridor design modern picture wall black and white photos

abstract mural in anthracite and white living room

Do not use 3-part wall pictures according to Feng Shui in the living room