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Home office – the professional workplace in your own four walls


More and more people are working from home, at least temporarily. The flexibility that the home office brings with it is a great advantage, especially for families with small children. In the office, the employer must ensure that the workplace is ergonomic. In the home office, on the other hand, everyone is responsible for creating a healthy and motivating work environment. But which factors play a role in the design of the home office and what needs to be taken into account with regard to the furniture, the light sources and the choice of color?

Home office – find your own style

Designing a home office, seating area, customer reception room

By combining creative and homely elements, your own motivation and wellbeing can be significantly increased. Above all, all those who work in a creative profession should make sure that they create a stimulating work environment. This can be done through murals or other works of art, but also through colors and plants, which will be discussed later in the text. It is crucial that the study reflects one’s own style, because then the person concerned prefers to stay there with a good feeling.

Home office – desk and desk chair


Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the desk, as the heart of the home office. It should be height adjustable. Of course, it is best to have a desk that can be adjusted so that you can work on it while standing. In this way, the back is temporarily relieved. How high the desk should be in the normal setting depends on the height. With a height of 1.60 a work surface between 68-70cm high is comfortable, with 1.70 – between 74-76cm, with 1.80 – 77-79cm, with 1.90 – 83-85cm. It is also important that the work surface is at least 75 cm deep and 60 cm wide. This ensures that all important documents can be easily placed on the desk in addition to the PC. The desk chair must meet the demands of an ergonomic workplace just like the desk.

Home office – what you need to consider when choosing from the computer screen

Home office computer screen selection tips

Working on the screen for several hours a day is a big challenge for the eyes. Therefore, it is important to take certain precautions to avoid overexertion.

A flat screen is always preferable to a CRT screen. With the latter, however, a high refresh rate can help improve the image quality. It is also important for comfort to have a sufficient distance between the eyes and the monitor. This should be no less than 65 and no more than 77 centimeters. Taking a 5-10 minute break every 45 minutes ensures that the eyes can relax. Regularly looking out the window into the distance also helps prevent visual problems. Anyone who works continuously on the screen and suffers from visual problems or headaches should consult an ophthalmologist. Often, precisely fitted glasses or contact lenses can take the strain off the eyes and make work easier, so

Home office – the lighting conditions are a decisive factor


The lighting conditions in the home office are a decisive factor when it comes to health and efficiency. The wrong light not only leads to visual problems, but can also cause postural damage and restlessness. Added to this are rapid fatigue and unproductivity. Experts agree that the ideal workplace is in the open air, under a slowly passing, loose cloud cover. Of course, this is usually not feasible, so that artificial light sources have to be used for the home office. These should come as close as possible to the natural light conditions, according to the advisor “Bright pears for bright minds“. How bright these have to be depends on the location of the desk. For example, if this is right next to the window, there should be a brightness of 300 lux. If it is still in the middle of the room, 500 to 1000 lux are suitable. The closest thing to daylight are energy-saving LED lamps or fluorescent tubes, which have the light color “daylight white” or “neutral white”. If such lamps are combined with a large window and an individually adjustable desk lamp, the result is very good office lighting.

The short side of the desk should be facing the window and thus protrude into the room. But other factors also play a role. A mirrored worktop is not recommended, as this reflects the light and thus leads to irritation, or the person concerned gets neck pain because he unconsciously evades the reflection for several hours a day.

Home office – little helpers for more order


A fully packed workspace has no place in a well-structured home office. That is why you should invest in little helpers that make it easier to keep things tidy. These can, for example, be compartments for documents, which are set up next to the monitor. A small mobile pedestal with drawers, which is positioned under the desk, is also ideal. Documents and small items can be safely stowed there and are still always to hand. If you need even more storage options, you can also attach a wall rule or hanging shelf directly next to or above the desk.

Sideboards, cupboards and additional storage space

Sideboards and cupboards are ideal for all those documents and files that are used less often. They have doors and drawers so that the home office is not like a file warehouse, but rather creates a homely impression. If these pieces of furniture are chosen in a fancy design or an intense color, they also become real eye-catchers and visually enhance the room. If there is still a seating area available for customers or other purposes, sideboards can also function as room dividers.

Provide a seating area for customers in the home office


Above all, self-employed people who work from home often receive customers in their office. If this is the case, a representative seating area must be available. Depending on your preferences and design, there is a sofa or several armchairs or a table with chairs.

Colors and plants for more well-being in the home office

Home office-plants-ideas-tips-feel-good atmosphere

Colors influence the feeling of wellbeing. These should of course be selected according to your own preferences, but also according to their psychological effect and the conditions in the room. On the one hand, the size and brightness of the home office play a role. Dark colors make small rooms appear even smaller and more cramped, while light colors create space. Anyone who owns a large and bright work space can confidently paint one or two walls in a dark color, but it shouldn’t be more. The same applies to wallpapers with a large pattern. They are also best used in large and open spaces and only on one wall. Now a small overview of the different wall colors and their respective psychological effects:

Not only the right color, but also a selection of suitable plants in the study increase the feeling of well-being. A bad climate in the home office promotes headaches, irritation and fatigue. In winter the air is dry, which has a detrimental effect on the mucous membranes and opens the door to colds. Plants ensure a good indoor climate and also have a positive effect on the psyche, according to a contribution from the University of Würzburg. In addition, plants in the office are supposed to increase the ability to concentrate and they act as natural sound absorbers and humidifiers. At the same time, they filter pollutants from the air and supply the room with fresh oxygen. Particularly easy-care indoor plants that are ideal for the home office are:

1) The rubber tree

2) The coconut palm

3) The yucca palm

4) The Treasury

5) The cactus

Space for movement in the home office

Home-office-furnishing-wood-table-beanbag-laminate flooring

One aspect must of course not be forgotten in the optimal home office: it must offer enough space for movement. The back does not forgive anything and if you sit in the same position in front of the computer all day, you will have to struggle more and more with tension and back pain over time. It is therefore recommended that you get up at least once an hour and move around the room for five minutes. Walking up and down as well as a few simple back exercises help to loosen up the muscles and joints and concentration is much easier again after such small breaks.

Spacious home office with a beautiful view