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Home ideas for color – Popular shades for decor

Living ideas for the color -living room-wall-paint-berry-red-cream-brown-furniture

The colors that are chosen for the living area play a major role, because they determine the atmosphere and thus also the mood that you feel when you enter the room. And that applies to absolutely every room in your apartment. We’d like to share some great ones with you Home ideas for color that are very current and popular and will ensure a perfect ambience.

1. Home ideas for the color – pink wall

Living ideas for the color pink-wall-bedroom-classic-modern

For this example, the wall was painted a passionate pink. The rest of the furniture, which is kept in white, creates a great accent. In addition, additional color accents are set by a colorful mural and the equally pink couch.

2. Home ideas for the color – pastel blue

Living ideas for the color -living room-gray-light blue-modern

It’s not just the wall that can add color to a room. The furniture can also be chosen in a pleasant tone and thus create the right atmosphere. In this case, a light blue couch and a light blue picture on the wall above provide color and spice up the otherwise simple room in a special way.

3. Refreshing mint with a difference

Living ideas for the color living room-mint-pastel colors

The mint green is particularly popular with the living ideas for the color and there is a reason for that. Its pastel property makes it a pleasant shade that can be combined with many others. As can be seen in the example photo, decorative items such as pillows with the opposite color also fit perfectly and create a great atmosphere.

4. Home ideas for the color – pink for furniture

Living ideas for the color dining area-purple-dining table-chairs-wood tones

If a wall in pink is too conspicuous for you, you can also bring this color into the room with the help of furniture. The pink chairs go perfectly with the otherwise bright decor of the living room and form a great contrast to the green carpet.

5. Home ideas for the color – yellow as an accent


In this bedroom the main color is light blue. A sunny accent is set by the color yellow, which occurs both in the form of a pillow and in the form of yellow flowers. You can only wake up in a good mood in this bedroom.

6. Reverse the idea

Interior ideas for the color -yellow-living room-orange-accents

Do you find yellow particularly beautiful and would you rather choose it as the main color? No problem, because there are wonderful living ideas for the color here too. Just do it the other way around, as shown in the example photo. Design the room mainly yellow and add blue accents with furniture or decorative accessories.

7. Home ideas for the color – green


Light green is also a very popular color when it comes to decorating the living area. The reason for this is the friendly charisma it gives the room and which is reminiscent of spring. In this example, the color was chosen not only for the wall, but also for part of the furniture and the carpet.

8. Home ideas for the color – gray

living-ideas-color-gray-living room-white-combination

A light gray can look very elegant and chic in an otherwise white room. Just add this color in the form of a gray couch, rug, and curtains.

9. Home ideas for color – berry

living-ideas-color-berry-red-accent wall-bedroom

It is as if the wall color “berry” was created for white furniture. In this color combination, the room immediately has a wonderful ambience, as can also be seen in this bedroom. The dark berry rug creates an additional, homely feeling.

10. Home ideas for the color – gold

Home ideas for the color gold-bedroom-bedspread-curtains

Of course, gold provides a luxurious ambience as living ideas for the color. It doesn’t take a lot of shimmer and shine to achieve the effect, as you can see in this example bedroom. But this color is also very suitable for other rooms.