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High gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture from Mobalpa

High-gloss kitchen mobalpa-black-white

Mobalpa is one of the most respected French producers of high gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture. Because of its exceptional quality, perfect choice of materials and beautiful designs, this company has become one of the most renowned companies for bathroom and kitchen furniture. Each piece is beautifully designed and is simply a remarkable work of art.

High gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture from Mobalpa

High-gloss kitchen Mobalpa red steel

Mobalpa has the ability to grasp the dynamics in the room and fill it with miracles. With traditional and cultural elements that have been implemented in a fascinating modern way, Mobalpa presents a creative collection of beautiful high-gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture. This company constantly amazes many experts around the world. The company is respected not only in France but also internationally and supplies its products worldwide. Although it is primarily based in France, there are many talented international designers who work for the company today. With their innovative skills and cultural background, they contribute to the enrichment of Mobalpa collection.

High gloss kitchens from Mobalpa since the beginning

High-gloss kitchen-Mobalpa-black-wall-wood-plate

The company itself was founded in 1907 and is more than a hundred years old. It all started with Eugene Fournier in a small workshop in the mountains. For his amazing craftsmanship, he was asked to join the Officier d’Academie. In 1946 the two brothers Marcel and Paul took over the workshop and began to develop their father’s legacy. It was then that they decided to steer the company in a different direction – kitchen furniture. Mobalpa was launched in 1949 and the first kitchen design was created. The name “Mobalpa” itself comes from “Mobilier des Alpes”.

 black and white

High-gloss bathroom furniture Mobalpa-black-white

In the 1970s, the company made an international success with the “Galaxy” kitchens, with which it launched the first integrated custom kitchens. Since then, the company has fascinated people with its innovative strength and new technologies – always developing, always modernized, and yet preserving the good traditions. Every piece of high-gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture from Mobalpa is designed with the future in mind.

 Red and white

High-gloss bathroom furniture Mobalpa-red-white

yellow kitchen cabinets and black walls

High-gloss bathroom furniture-Mobalpa-yellow-kitchen-cupboards-black-walls

Wood and dark blue

High-gloss bathroom furniture-Mobalpa-wood-dark blue

all blue bathroom

High-gloss bathroom furniture Mobalpa blue

purple and white

High-gloss bathroom furniture Mobalpa-lilac-white

light pink and brown

High-gloss bathroom furniture-Mobalpa-light pink

High gloss bathroom in purple

High-gloss bathroom furniture Mobalpa

white cabinets with decoration

High-gloss bathroom furniture Mobalpa white cabinets

High-gloss bathroom furniture Mobalpa-white-beige

Kitchen design


Luna Brown high gloss kitchen Mobalpa

Kitchen-Mobalpa-light-wood  High-gloss-kitchen-Mobalpa-white-kitchen-cupboards


black and white kitchen mobalpa

High-gloss kitchen mobalpa-beige-dark brown