Interior design

Hair salon in Beijing fascinates with furnishings full of light and sophistication

Hair salon MQ Studio in China World Trade Center

The “MQ Studio” hair salon is located in the “China World Trade Center”, in the center of Beijing’s business district, and is surrounded by a variety of fashion shops. The facility therefore had to fit this unique location and connect with the pulsating life of the metropolis. The project was designed and completed by CAA at the end of August 2018. The design is not an ordinary hair salon, but an art sculpture that is exhibited in the center of the China World Trade Center.

Hairdressing salon furnishing mirrors with built-in lighting such as stalactite

Inside the room, a shimmering ceiling refers to a golden river that slowly flows into the distance in the evening light. The golden ceiling sculpture rises from the floating clouds of light and offers visitors an impressive visual experience. This creates a feeling of infinite possibilities, which is common in the vast expanses of the sky.

Hairdressing salon with frosted glass walls effect lounge

Make-up mirrors grow like stalactites from the high ceiling at various points in the room. The combination of aesthetics and function is designed to be particularly seamless. The plan of the salon is irregular in shape and has four large inclined support columns.

four concrete pillars support the ceiling in the hairdressing salon

The unique structure and small space presented various design challenges to the design team. Instead of hiding the industrial facilities behind ceiling panels, the architects opted for highlighting the ceiling portion by using a generative design algorithm to create a stunning parametric shape, the one Wave pattern simulated.

Concept of hair salon interior clouds water surface

Conceptually, the ceiling should look like the surface of water sparkling under the sun. Highly reflective, gold-colored stainless steel was used to make the ceiling. After examining the reflective properties of the material, the CAA team precisely aligned each surface to refract light at different angles.

Glass walls are partially opaque lounge area

Assembling the ceiling was a major challenge for the construction team. Over 300 different hexagons were handcrafted and installed. The conventional soldering process was not possible due to the sensitive material properties. It took the design and construction team several months to come up with the best solution and allow the final installation of the interior artwork.

Assemble 300 different hexagons in the right place

Construction process ceiling design from 300 metal hexagons

Construction process Hexagons made of stainless steel form the ceiling

Construction process Installation of the make-up mirror with lighting

Ceiling construction made of gold-colored stainless steel construction process

Ceiling design in a modern hairdressing salon in Pekin

Ceiling design like modern sculpture in the hairdressing salon

Hair salon in Beijing impresses with furnishings full of light

Hairdressing salon in Beijing Ceiling design made of gold-colored stainless steel

Hairdressing salon with exclusive ceiling design made of gold-colored stainless steel

Hairdressing salon with glass walls and exclusive furnishings

MQ hair salon entrance glass doors

Modern mix of materials, exposed concrete, glass and stainless steel

Marble wall cladding and ceiling design made of stainless steel elements

Floor plan of the hairdressing salon, salon furnishings

The ceiling construction consists of 300 hexagons

Cross section hair salon project architecture

Floor plan hair salon furnishings Glamorous marble stainless steel

Glass walls with frosted glass effect concrete pillars

MQ hair salon entrance glass walls

Architects: CAA

Location: World Trade Center III, Beijing, China

Area: 150.0 sqm

Project year: 2018

Photographs: Zhuoying Ren, Felix Amiss