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Gray Goose Bar – magical atmosphere and excellent interior

Gray Goose Bar -new-york-design-white-blue

Gray Goose Bar welcomes you. Contemporary night bars are not the bars we know from the past. And the inviting Gray Goose Bar is here in Brussels to prove that claim to you. If you are far from the Belgian city, there is nothing wrong with taking a virtual stroll through it and catching a glimpse of the new bar interior design trends. You will be amazed.

Gray Goose Bar – a special interior design idea

Gray Goose Bar -mailand-indirect-lighting

There is something very specific about the interior design idea behind the Gray Goose Bar. The Belgian bar is an excellent advertisement for a popular vodka. The trademark is actually the same as the name of the bar. The designers at Puresang Design Studio created Gray Goose Bar thanks to the inspiration of the popular Vodka brand and the result is more than amazing.

Gray Goose Bar – take a dip in the deep blue for a drink

Gray Goose Bar cockpit glass sign

The Gray Goose Bar combines the blue depth, the golden sparks, and the white irregular shapes in a perfect mixture, resulting in a perfect atmosphere for a night bar. The walls of the bar are blue with triangular mirror tiles and the most important decors here are the bottles of vodka, arranged like in the pharmacy. The general lighting in the bar accentuates the bottles and the task of lighting highlights the irregular pieces of furniture that are placed for visitors.

Gray Goose Bar – special drink plug-ins with silver geese

Gray Goose Bar -silver-plug-in drinks

If we look at the furniture in Gray Goose Bar, besides being strange, irregular, extremely high-tech and minimalist, it is also absolutely atypical for a bar interior design. The enormous, white marble conference table, the small plastic dining table, and the eccentric bar stools with avant-garde shapes bring a strange originality to this night bar.

The interior design idea in Gray Goose Bar creates the illusion that the place is divided into two zones – one white and one blue. Actually, the lighting system is what creates this illusion as if the entire space is made up of more of two salons. The coiled light installation above symbolizes the chaos, which is also accentuated with the unusual furniture.

Gray Goose Bar – advertising studio, home, and secret place for affair

Gray Goose Bar -outdoor-temporary-white-blue

The atmosphere that is created in the Gray Goose Bar cannot be described with a clear definition. The point is that the designers of this public place of entertainment come up with different ideas by inserting absolutely different symbols and motifs in the surrounding area taking into account the main idea – the promotion of vodka. The result is the unusual atmosphere that could be considered a real masterpiece in the world of modern night bar design ideas.

Bar with breathtaking interior design

bar interior design brussels

Gray Goose Bar is a magical place with an important idea, but also a home for the permanent visitor. The enigmatic lighting and the unusual decors are reminiscent of a typical place for a secret affair from the old films.

Magical lighting with lights bound in a geometric structure


Indirect lighting sets the accents in the limelight 

Gray Goose bar interior design

Effective modern interior in white and blue


Gray Goose – a drink as distinctive as the interior 


Mirrored surfaces and contrasts build up the interior


Room concept in line with the brand ‘Gray Goose ‘


Present a product with style and class and put it in the limelight 

magic bar lighting