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Furnishing youth rooms – 35 ideas for interior solutions for teenagers

Furnishing youth rooms minimalist-white-yellow-mural-high gloss

The youth room is an important place where the children spend the intense time of growing up. Young people need their private island where they can withdraw and reflect. In contrast to the children’s room, where above all the taste of the parents can be found, the youth room is tailored to the interests and preferences of the child. There the child actively and enthusiastically helps. At the Set up youth room compromise solutions are usually required, because with the onset of puberty there are often differences of opinion. Here teenagers and their parents will find a variety of ideas for decorating their teenagers’ rooms – from classic to modern and stylish. We offer you a selection of fresh designs that create a cozy and cool ambience. This creates a space that optimally caters to the needs of children and teenagers.

Furnishing youth rooms – living ideas for girls and boys

Furnishing youth rooms in neutral-colors-beds-wall-unit-stylish

From simple wooden beds, desks and wooden shelves to fancy bean bags and decorations – the right furniture designs can be found for every taste and style. You can not only equip a youth room in a purely functional way, but also make it look really great! For girls there is playful teenage furniture in soft colors and curved shapes. Funny pictures, for example, create a casual, child-friendly atmosphere in boys’ rooms. Details such as decorative wall stickers are particularly eye-catching.

Furnishing a youth room – ideas for adolescents and young people

Set up youth room romantic-white-pink-metal-bed-girl-design

A youth room has to be cool. Trendy wall tattoos and posters of favorite stars belong to the teenage room and give the room an individual touch. Motifs from your favorite film or the logo of a football club give it the finishing touch. Furniture for teenagers can be decorated according to their wishes. Musical instruments, which girls find quite romantic, are real eye-catchers in the tea room. Soft, comfortable beanbags and colorful stools increase the feel-good factor. Curtains make the youth room really cozy, while even light enhances the room.

Accents in pink


Sporty boy’s room

youth room-furnishing-sporty-style-boys-idea-armchair-bedside cabinet

Teenage room with dramatic black and white contrasts

Boy's room-dark wall design with color-modern concept-Sally Wheat-Interiors

Trendy textures and patterns for teenagers’ rooms

Modern-teenage room-wall duvet ideen black-white-seattle-Staged-To-Sell

Youth room ideas for music fans

Music-theme decor-boy's room teenagers preferences Benning-Design-Associates

Simple interior in white

Youth room bed linen white-blue handleless cupboards-Dupuis-Design

Design solutions for skater rooms

Design youth room ideas black and white skateboard wall ideas deco cantilever-GRADE

Eclectic is the trend

ceiling light youth room ideas eclectic zebra ceiling green wall

Scandinavian style in the tea room

Furnishing Tea room design Trends modern Cushion decoration The Shade Store

Youth room for girls – elegant and chic

Living ideas furnishing-youth room modern carpet-wall decoration chandelier-anima-domus

Create a cozy seating area

comfort seating area corner sofa-velvety youth room Grace-Blu-Designs-Inc

World map as a single decoration

Teenager room design-Ceilings light bar World map wall brick Plain bed-Tiffany-Farha-Design

Practical design with a small space

recessed ceiling lights bedroom folding bed design vertical interior design shelving system desk

Pop art decorations for the wall

Te room furniture design pop art deco eclectic Perceptions-Interiors-J-Allen

Furnish youth rooms with style

Armchair room for teenagers decorating ideas Pierce-Allen

Pop-Art youth room ideas set up-bed wood-traditional-tamara-Anka

Teenager room party idea decorating-lighting seating area-Kropat-Interior-Design

ideas for sport enthusiastic room ideas youngsters Weidmann remodeling

Youth room seating area-design luminous wall-em design interiors

Roof-sloping attic apartment-youth room eclectic-furnishing-ideas-errikos-art design

Children's room shelves-red gray-color design ideas-Carlyn Company-Interiors-Design

Loft bed youth room furniture design wood-traditional Hamilton snowber-Architects

Pop Art tea room Red wall decoration modern TAHAR-DÉCOR

Nursery decor spaceship ideas light design Bayless-Custom-Homes

Girls' room design-teenagers pink accents sloping roof-modern pendant lamp ball

Youth room sibling desk ideas space-saving green wall shelf wood

Carpet fluffy ideas children's room-teenagers room-hanging chair modern

Pink duvet comfortably set up bed youth room ideas lanny Nagler-Photography

Furnishing ideas for young people's rooms tips-pattern-trend victoria Martoccia-Custom-Construction

Modern furnishing-Youth room ideas-Trendy pattern-Dupuis-Design

Youth room beanbag furniture modern colors design light sources window-view-Duane-Kaschak-ID