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Furnishing tips for the bachelor apartment

What does a young man need in his perfect bachelor apartment

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There is a stereotype for the bachelor who describes him as a messy, disorganized man with a messy, disorganized one Bachelor apartment full of electronic toys. While this is true for some, not all bachelors are cut from the same cloth. Some men enjoy decorating and cleaning. Others may not enjoy it, but they want a place that would attract the opposite sex to its glamor. While every young man thinks differently, there are some decorating techniques and decorating tips that will turn it into a true home.

Modern furniture in the bachelor apartment

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Choose products with clean lines and lasting style. A shabby chic sofa just wouldn’t work. Instead, choose a leather sofa, a solid wood coffee table, and some high-tech lamps. Because you’re a guy, choose things that would still look OK after spilling beer on them a couple of times. Think of dark colors and easy maintenance. And by all means, skip the pillows. Pillows are for girls. Let your entertainment center be the focus of the room. Just make sure that all of your devices and cables are hidden away.

Simple kitchen for the bachelor apartment

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Stainless steel appliances are the way to go here. Set accents with a nice dark granite countertop and don’t make them look cluttered. Make room for the largest, thickest espresso machine you can find – an essential piece in any bachelor’s kitchen. A nice bar is a must-see too, with some well-chosen bottles of wine and a martini shaker for those times when a beer just won’t work.


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In a stereotype Bachelor apartment would you go in and find a nature trail of chaos, some metal boxes of records, magazines and a poster of Jessica Alba on the wall. Come on, show a little class. Buy a real bed with a darker wood-tone headboard, some nice bedding sets, and wash them often. Then add a couple of bedside tables with drawers (to hide your magazines), and a nice lamp. Combined with some framed art prints on the wall. These would make a great impression on women.

Colors and upholstery fabrics

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Rely on a two or three color scheme and buy items for that Bachelor apartment only in these colors. A black and white scheme is very modern and masculine, and you can go for an accent with any color, like stainless steel silver. Black and white, but also look very cold. Add leather items, carpets, wooden elements to warm up the room a little. Paint your walls. Or leave these untreated – concrete, wood, or brick wall would look great.

Home accessories in the bachelor apartment

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While it might be tempting to buy the flashing lamp like a soccer ball, banish such items in a private room. Instead, decorate your most important living areas with a better look. An easy-care plant, like a cactus, can really brighten up a room. Bring in some floor and table lamps for a much more flattering light than strong ceiling lights. Put some smart magazines on a plain table, along with some coasters, to show that you really care about your furniture. Finally, consider storage. Many bachelors take up a lot of storage space. Invest in a bookcase or wall unit.

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