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Furnishing in an industrial style – ideas for a loft-like ambience

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Create a loft-like ambience in your own four walls – we will give you inspiring ideas for Furnishing in industrial style, that can completely transform your house / apartment.

Industrial style furnishing – principles and characteristics

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the Furnishing in industrial style stands out clearly from the other styles. The residential trend is relatively new – and is closely linked to rapid urbanization. The old factories were then often converted into modern apartments. Inspired by the long history of the building and the specifics of the architecture, the interior designers left the walls untreated. The rough look has successfully established itself as a trend over the years – and is now very popular even in modern new buildings. Typical of the style of living are the untreated brick walls, the rustic furniture and the many old pipes on the ceiling. Small fitted kitchen with stainless steel fronts adds to the concept. The contrast between the smooth metal surface and the structured wall texture creates a modern ambience.

Furnishing in an industrial style in your own house – tips and tricks

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With a few simple tricks, you can create a Furnishing in industrial style enjoy in your own home. Numerous companies offer wallpaper that mimics an untreated brick wall. Glue one wall with it, and the other – with wallpaper with a city panorama. Use the space sensibly – concentrate on the essential pieces of furniture and completely do without decoration. A cozy seating area with leather furniture in the living room can contrast with the high-gloss stainless steel kitchen. Accessories such as metal floor lamps and industrial style bar stools will add to the concept. Match the color of all furniture in the facility – the neutral color scheme is typical for industrial interiors.

Industrial style wall design – untreated brick wall

Wood shelves brick wall plank floor suspended ceiling

Loft apartment with wooden beams on the ceiling

Ambience brick wall wood furniture spiral staircase living room

Kitchen with an industrial look – metal fronts with a rust effect

Brick wall kitchen small built-in wood counter red chairs

Eclectic furnishings and wall design in an industrial style

Chic rocking chair ceiling framing lighting

Brick wall bedroom

industrial living style set up ideas pictures brick wall

Open living area – the bedroom is separated from the living room by curtains

Flat white bedroom room divider curtains

Construction kitchen dining area living room Scandinavian style

Leather furniture dark brown carpet coffee table metal case

Carpet wood ceiling eclectic furniture living style industrial

Kitchen island stainless steel counter modern decor

Loft apartment gray concrete walls dark furniture

Kitchen shelves cups plates table loft apartment

industrial living style pendant lights metal wooden floor

Bathroom wooden cabinets modern decor

Living style wooden floor glass wall bathtub

Flat white beige black dining table sliding door

Glass floor brick wall wall shelf leather armchair

Bar stools industrial style metal leather bench seats

large pendant lights bar stools industrial style white kitchen cabinets

Sleeping area original idea two floors

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