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Furnishing an open apartment – ideas from Fertility Design

Open apartment white sofa-black pillow shelves

One Furnish your apartment, small or large is not an easy thing. The interior architects place increasing importance on the room design, the space-saving arrangement of the furniture, on the spaciousness and the comfort. The delimitation of the room is a trend, as the open living rooms offer enough space and spaciousness. They are functional and practical. An open apartment should be carefully furnished so that it does not appear empty or tasteless. If you have a large interior space to arrange, Fertility Design Studio’s interior design ideas could come in handy.

Tips from Fertility Design on how to furnish an open-plan apartment

Wooden table rustic dining area wooden table

When you look at the large empty areas of a Furnish your apartment you need a lot of time and undoubtedly a holistic concept. The basic concept of Fertility Design was to make the living space as comfortable as possible and to create a unique ambience. The result is a pleasant, delicate aesthetic atmosphere.

Furnishing a modern apartment – furniture design

Open living spaces light brown black white

If you have an open Furnish your apartment you should remember that enough light reaches all areas. The large windows or glass walls allow enough light into the room and are also particularly appropriate. The brown and white color scheme enhances the feeling of generosity. This completely breathtaking effect is achieved through the creative design of the living room. The furniture is in a minimalist Japanese style, but the decoration is rather modest. An elegant wall design with silver and gray ornaments is right in front of the modern leather sofa. The floor, the walls and the other surfaces follow the same simple line and are emphasized with specific rustic accents.

Modern living areas with rustic furniture

Dining table lamps wooden chairs design

Next to the long comfortable sofa is the dining room area of ​​the open plan apartment Fertility design. A retro bench and elegant wooden chairs in light brown surround the classic rustic wooden table. The two additional lamps with a minimalist design harmonize with the green indoor plants in cute ceramic vessels. The designers have even more stylish tips on how to have a home office area with a shelving system in the open Furnish your apartment could.

Puristic bedroom design

White bedroom duvet

Puristic furniture

Rustic bench-dining area hanging lamp

Dining and kitchen areas 

Living room set up-open kitchen kitchen counter

Open kitchen – black and white

Black white kitchen minimalist design

Home office ideas for design

Home office area ideas

Shelf with decorations

Furnishing shelving systems in a modern apartment