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Furnishing an idea for an apartment: modern designer look and functionality

Idea for furnishing a home in wood leather portugal

The project is an optimal one Furnishing an idea for an apartment. It is created for a world traveler who wants to place all of his suitcases in Moscow. How long? Nobody can say for sure. People travel as they please. The design idea is strongly influenced by the owner’s interests and lifestyle.

Furnishing an idea for an apartment – beautiful and optimal

living room closet kitchen living room seating area sofa decor cushions soft

The owner did exactly that for Goodnova-Godiniaux decided. Despite the distance and the resulting complications, together they have created a perfect, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. A modern and at the same time functional apartment – that was the desire of the future resident and he was looking for one Furnishing an idea for an apartment. The creative piece – a module specially made for the suitcase. It took five days to put the module together. As a result, rooms are compactly separated from each other, furniture is reduced as much as possible. Each room has its own interesting decoration. Cement carpet in the kitchen, mosaic in the shower room, interesting wallpaper that mimics a bookcase in the study and decorative tiles with balloons in the bathroom.

Furnishing an idea for an apartment – a joint effort

deco elements carpet cement tiles imitating bright simple modern

The huge suitcase area is imprinted. It’s a heap of suitcases that are lying on top of and next to each other and, despite the large number, seem surprisingly organized. Designers obviously thought about saving space. The bedroom has a mirror that reflects the open dressing room, while plumbing fixtures are installed in the bathroom. The designers obtained wood and leather materials from afar – from Portugal. They then spent two days in the factory, making all the details of this Furnishing an idea for an apartment can be fully worked out. The joint work of Russia, France and Portugal has resulted in this modern and comfortable apartment.

Module for all suitcases is part of the interior

quickly wrap up easy depart brown color palette player

     Rooms are separated from each otherIdea for apartment furnishing right corner suitcase

Easy and quick to pack

Idea for furnishing an apartment russia globe trotter

Each room is characterized by its own interesting decoration

Idea for home furnishing office study room bookshelf

Changing room – spacious and functional

Idea for furnishing an apartment goodnova godiniaux paris

Flat clothes hung up changing room wardrobe practically modern

Great work together

Idea for home furnishing bedroom mirror cloakroom

Bathroom – bright and modern

Flat sink modern functional apartment separate rooms decoration elements

Interesting wall tiles create a pleasant atmosphere

Idea for home furnishing wall balloons tapetten

Idea for furnishing an apartment bath tub large shower cubicle balloons

 Idea for home furnishing designer ideas paris france

Idea for furnishing an apartment goodnova godiniaux special

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