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Furnishing an apartment – Geometric aesthetics can be very functional

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Look at how you got a modern Furnish your apartment can. Futuristic design makes the apartment look innovative, while the more traditional elements ensure a nice cosiness.

Furnishing a modern apartment – Inspired ideas from innovative designers

Apartment tips dominion living room spacious design ideas

This idea for Furnish your apartment heard Geometrix design. The company is located in Moscow, Russia. Exceptionally beautiful and modern – that is the first impression when someone walks into the apartment. The luxurious apartment is called the Dominion. It is created entirely according to the wishes and preferences of the customers. Bare walls and a perfectly balanced combination of materials, colors and patterns create this wonderful, blissful atmosphere. A textured wall made from natural rocks will reflect some custom build orders. Alkantra panels are used for the wall coatings in the lobby and living room. Designers opt for the high-quality natural slate for the walls and cabinet surfaces in the kitchen.

Furnishing an apartment – geometric shapes dominate

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The home cinema is the undisputed eye catcher in the whole apartment. A perfect work of art! It counts as a functional and modern idea for Furnish your apartment. The geometric design impresses with its functionality. In case you’re wondering where everything goes, take a closer look at the facets of the cabinets – each one hides shelves and drawers. The optimal storage system inspires. The geometric note continues into the bathroom. Walls are covered with solid walnut panels. The children’s room is a particularly picturesque room. There is a cozy niche in the wall that invites you to read. The light boxes are replaceable and pictures can always be swapped – depending on the age and interests of the child.

The home theater immediately draws attention

Flat geometric shapes dominion home theater original functional decorationLeather chair invites you to relax completely

Recessed flat lighting mild, interesting atmosphere, trendy ideasA real work of art

Furnishing an apartment inseparable modern apartment art workModern kitchen with space-saving furniture

Furnishing apartment surface walls curtains hanging ideasWhite walls and black surfaces create a nice contrast

Furnish apartment dark colors hanging lamps hidden shelvesOrange armchairs serve as an accent

Furnish an apartment lobby orange armchair accentuateThe lobby – spacious, modern and cozy

Furnishing apartment orange armchair decoration elements mirrorWooden walls and floors give the ambience a natural touch

Furnish apartment bedroom wood floor wall decorationFuturistic design and traditional elements – inspiring innovative combinations

Furnish apartment bedroom gray ceiling dark light

Furnish an apartment modern bathroom Geomertische note large

Furnishing flat solid walnut wood panels geometrix design

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