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Furnishing a Small House -Interior ideas for limited living space

vintage furnishing interior ideas for small house

A small house could be a real challenge for the residents. That is why we have prepared a few ideas for you on how to organize the interior design when space is limited. As an example, we have selected a small house where vintage and modern design have been successfully combined to create a cozy ambience.

Small house represents a modern interior with vintage elements

homeowner dog interior ideas for small living space

The interior design solutions for a small house always involve creativity and fresh ideas. This little house belongs to Dr. Stephanie Bot, who lives there with her companion and her two dogs. The interior was designed by Brendan Kwinter-Schwartz from Kwinter & Co furnished. The main idea of ​​the small interior is to successfully combine vintage and modern design in such a limited space without making the rooms seem too small. The decoration and the furniture design were chosen very carefully, according to the small living room.

Furnishing a small house – minimalistic background with vintage elements

colorful tulips interior ideas for small living space

To a small house To set up properly, it is important to combine the designer styles correctly. In this case, the basic elements were kept in a minimalist style and emphasize the modern interior design. In contrast, the decorative elements and some vintage-style furniture were combined quite well with the modern background. Old armchairs with colorful pillows, retro wall decorations and lots of flowers are the main accents in the interior. Take a look at these wonderful furnishing ideas for a small living room and let yourself be inspired for your own interior.

Living room with vintage furniture and colorful sofa cushions

living room sofa cushions interior ideas for small house

Cozy sitting area with opulent wall decoration

wall decoration retro design interior ideas for small house

Small decorative details refresh the ambience

decoration details interior ideas for small living space

Modern kitchen in white

kitchen modern interior ideas for small living space

Bathroom with yellow accents

yellow decorative accents interior ideas for small living space

Bedroom with bedspread in leopard print

bedspread leoprint interior ideas for small living space

Luxury vintage furniture with floral pattern

armchair floral pattern interior ideas for small living space