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Furnishing a small apartment – tips and tricks for optimal use of space

Furnish small apartment modern white red interior partition wall shelf bar

If you set up a small apartment, you have to follow some rules. Start with the furniture. Not only small furniture is suitable for small rooms, because they actually make the room seem overcrowded. Choose a few, but comfortable and practical furniture that visually complements the room. A light sofa without armrests and an armchair in the corner are preferable in this case.

Furnishing a small apartment – furniture with storage space and other functions

Small apartment furnishing coffee table multifunctional drawers compartments

The furniture in the small apartment has to fulfill more than one function. For example, a stool with a lid or a coffee table with a drawer or shelves. You can also place the TV directly on a dresser instead of buying a TV stand.

Furnish a small apartment – mirror for optical magnification

Furnish a small apartment mirror wall unit modern green accents white

Mirrors not only reflect light, but also create a feeling of more space. They create visual depth and can cover an entire wall. Instead of the traditional tile mirrors, you can lay the kitchen back wall with mirrors.


furnishing a small apartment ambience lighting accent wall wallpaper sofa black

A small room always looks bigger with more light – whether natural or artificial. Do not block the natural light from the window with furniture or heavy curtains. Replace heavy drapes with sheer drapes or blinds. Choose wall or recessed lights instead of table lights because they take up more space.

Use the vertical space

furnishing small apartment shelves wall partition sleeping area wallpaper

A wall-mounted flat screen TV is probably the best option for small spaces. The floating wall shelves offer space for your books, photos and make optimal use of the space. Do the same in the kitchen. To create more space in the cabinets and on the countertop, arrange the spice and jam jars on the shelves along the walls.

Bringing the chaos under control

small apartment furniture living room wall storage space acrylic coffee table

Keeping the small apartment in order will make it look wider and more welcoming, no matter how small it is. Decorative storage boxes are ideal for storing all the little things. Often tidy the closets and throw away old and unnecessary items.

One-room apartment in red and white

Small apartment set up red white storage space above

Kitchen, dining and living area in one

Furnish a small apartment kitchen dining counter living area stairs

black cabinet fronts and white worktop

small kitchen counter black white wood undercounter lights

small kitchen with dining area

small kitchen set up dining area round table white

Optimal use of small home space window storage space

kitchen l shape small white handleless dining counter light blue glass mirror

small apartment kitchen set up sofa stove dining area

Furnish a small apartment kitchen mirror kitchen rear wall white cabinets

furnish small apartment dining area large wall mirror

small apartment furnishing storage space sofa white gray

small bedroom recessed shelves wardrobe sliding door

Small apartment furnishing living room desk corner sofa   small apartment set up bedroom mirror wall shrank

Furnish small apartment functional furniture wood coffee table

small apartment set up kitchen shelves wall above       small kitchen storage space stairs built-in appliances

small apartment furnishing home office acrylic desk mirror