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Furnishing a small apartment – this is how you save space with a shelving system!

Upholstered furniture books storage space television wood clad wall

This beautiful small apartment is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We found the furnishing of Studio 360 totally inspiring – we were particularly enthusiastic about the space-saving shelving system!

Optimally furnishing a small apartment – the tricks of the professionals

Shelving system modern color books storage space television upholstered furniture

We all already know that the bright color scheme is the small apartment makes it appear more spacious and that multifunctional pieces of furniture save space. But if you really want to furnish comfortably and stylishly at the same time, you should think about a complete concept in advance. The interior designers have this challenge from Studio 360 mastered well. Only one material was used for the furnishings – light oak. The floor was covered with the natural look wood, window and door frames were made, the dining table and chairs in the kitchen were made, even the hall furniture is made of oak! The kitchen fronts and the shelving system in the living room were also made of oak – but here the wooden surface was covered with white foil. The combination between the matt and the high-gloss surface creates a visual connection between the individual rooms and makes the apartment look larger.

Furnishing the small apartment – the wall shelf system

Living ideas small space-saving furniture design ideas

the small apartment was furnished very functionally and stylishly – a functional shelving system is the highlight in the living room. It is mounted on a wall and looks like a maze. The combination between shelves made of wood and the white cabinets cannot let go of the eyes. Practical built-in lighting sets accents. Another white shelving system houses the school books in the small cabinet, a third shelving system, this time made of oak, is mounted above the bed in the bedroom.

Modern wall shelf made of wood – practical and stylish

set up ideas white wall shelf system Posltersofa

Built-in lighting allows the book collection to come into its own

Recessed lights books statues space-saving minimalist

White fitted kitchen with high-gloss fronts and handleless doors

Fitted kitchen wooden furniture pendant lights wooden floor advantages

The geometric lines make the apartment appear larger

Set up space-saving wooden furniture, white kitchen counter, handleless cabinets

Set up small apartments optimally – neutral color scheme

Optimally set up your apartment Ideas dining area hallway kitchen

The white color dominates in the interior

white built-in lighting, natural look, solid oak wood dining table

Small cabinet with a wall-mounted shelving system

set up wall shelving system modern works of art painting decoration

The bedroom in neutral colors

modern furniture design idea stylishly practical

White wardrobe wood door frame to save space

modern design idea pictures wall deco

neutral color modern design built-in led lighting mirror

Bathroom light beige color bathtub tiles clad

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