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Furnishing a small apartment on a budget – professional tips


If you have a set up a small apartment you would need some tips and tricks on how the rooms do not appear cramped and not impersonal despite all the furniture and useful items. Here is a great example of excellent interior design for an apartment on a budget and 41 square meters of living space.

Furnishing a small apartment – interior design in monochrome colors


It is best to design the small apartment in neutral or monochrome colors. Small accents in color are desirable as decoration in order to give individual character and a sense of living. In the smallest rooms, such as the bathroom and hallway, it is advisable to integrate large mirrors or mirror walls – reflective and transparent surfaces visually enlarge.

Furnishing a small apartment – hallway in black and white


See the apartment as a whole, not as separate parts, and create a relationship between the individual areas. In our example, the black and white mandala is the leitmotif and which can be found in different sizes and designs in every room. That could be a pattern, structure, material or small objects, part of a collection.

Furnishing a small apartment – rough brick wall in white 


Bare white walls usually look impersonal and cool, but they are the best basis for further design and decoration. Bring variety with the structure of the wall, simple wallpaper or relief. You can optionally paint a wall in color – neutral, pastel or basic color and combine it with the wall design in the other rooms. In this small apartment in Poland, the designers decided on a black wall, perhaps painted with blackboard paint, and this also runs through the hallway.

Set up a small apartment – simple living room with basic furniture 


For a small apartment, the thorough furniture would be sufficient, so you prefer it with a simple shape, without decorations, with a simple design. Which pieces of furniture, such as a bed from Euro pallets, can also be wonderfully made by yourself and so it would be possible to get along with a limited budget.

Furnishing a small apartment – interesting wall design


Furnish a small apartment – living, cooking and dining area in one


Furnish a small apartment with furniture in neutral colors


Furnish a small apartment and don’t forget the details


Mandala in black and white as a leitmotif


Decorative accents in the interior – mandala


Industrial design for the small apartment


Furnish a small apartment – simple kitchen with a creative touch


Industrial lamps with interesting cables in black and white


Design the walls creatively thematically


Design a small bedroom in neutral colors 


Set up your small apartment with a limited budget 


Furnish the bedroom simply and creatively


Nice bed made of Euro pallets in the black and white bedroom


Furnishing bedrooms on a budget


Decorative accents should not be forgotten in the small apartment


Black and white mandala as a leitmotif in the interior of the entire apartment


Small bathroom in monochrome colors – gray, white and shcwraz






small-apartment-furnishing-budget-bathroom-gray-white-mandala-wall decoration

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