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Furnishing a small apartment – 22 ideas that save space

small-apartment-furnishing-kitchen-brown-kitchen base-cabinet-wood-splash protection-metal-extractor hood

Finding functional, beautiful and suitable furnishings for a small apartment is not easy at all. You have to make optimal use of every free centimeter and arrange the furniture in such a way that there is enough space for everything at the same time and a cozy and pleasant atmosphere is achieved. Space-saving furniture can be of great help in such cases. These are mostly multifunctional, mobile or can be easily installed. Some examples of how to make it practical and modern set up a small apartment can be seen in our gallery.

Furnishing a small apartment – enough storage space for the kitchen

Furnish a small apartment kitchen-built-in cupboard-high-gloss white-space-saving-furniture-wooden floor

The kitchen is the room where there is almost always a lot of clutter. With such a built-in kitchen cabinet, everything is already in its place. You can keep all the kitchenware there. The cabinet has large, spacious drawers for cutlery, kitchen utensils and everything you need for the household.

Furnishing a small apartment – a great idea for the kitchen

Furnish a small apartment kitchen-built-in kitchen cabinet-white-high-gloss-space-saving-furniture

There is even space in the cupboard for kitchen appliances. You can use these without taking them out of the closet. There are built-in sockets in the cabinet, in which the devices can be switched on directly. If you still need a work surface while cooking, then simply use the pull-out worktop.

Multifunctional built-in cupboard for a tidy kitchen

Furnish a small apartment kitchen-built-in cupboard-pull-out worktop-white-high-gloss wood floor

With such a practical worktop you have enough space for everything. You can have a snack at the pull-out worktop. After eating, all you have to do is clean the surface and slide the countertop back.

You decide which functionality of the kitchen cabinet to use

Furnish a small apartment kitchen-built-in kitchen cabinet-space-saving-white-high-gloss built-in appliances

The kitchen cabinet doors are equipped with electrical lift-up flap fittings. You just have to push them up and they don’t interfere with cooking. With just a few movements, you can convert the kitchen cabinet into a functional kitchen area.

A minimalist look of the kitchen is possible with this built-in kitchen cabinet

small-apartment-furnishing-kitchen-built-in cupboard-white-high-gloss-built-in appliances-parquet floor

After you finish cooking, close the cabinet doors and slide back the pull-out countertop. You only see the luxurious white high-gloss cabinet fronts, which visually enlarge the space and you currently have a spacious kitchen with a minimalist design.

Space-saving designer kitchen in white with black and colorful accents

small-apartment-furnishing-kitchen-upper-cabinet-lower-cabinet-folding-table-white-high-gloss-black-bar stool

The dining table is a bulky piece of furniture that usually stands in the center of the dining room. With a folding table like this, you have more space to move around when you are not using it and a cozy place to eat.

Furnish a small apartment – kitchen and relaxation area in one room

Furnish a small apartment kitchen-white-black-sofa-side table-round-carpet-wall-television

A sofa with a television is right next to the window next to the kitchen. So you can sit there and have dinner watching TV. The design of the kitchen is minimalist. Black and colorful accents contrast with the white walls and surfaces and give the room a modern look.


Space-saving furniture for the modern bedroom


If you look at this bedroom, you can’t guess that it is a study hidden behind the wall. This is very useful when you have guests visiting. The door to the study looks like an ordinary wall.

Space-saving bed in the study that also functions as an office

small-apartment-furnishing-study-space-saving-desk-wooden-cabinet-fronts-wall-folding cabinet

A folding bed is always a great choice when it comes to small apartments. However, this wall bed still has a very practical function. It easily becomes a desk too.

This is what the folding bed looks like when you pull it out

small-apartment-furnishing-bedroom-space-saving-bed-closet-bed-wood-wall paneling

The wall on which the television is mounted can actually also be opened to the study. So all residents of the room can use the television together.

Multifunctional built-in wardrobe for small apartments in which you can store everything

small-apartment-furnishing-living-room-built-in-cupboard-white-wood-black-leather-armchair-side table-round

The wardrobe, washing machine and even the kitchen are hidden in this unusual built-in wardrobe. With the doors closed, the room looks very minimalist and tidy.

Furnish a small apartment – kitchen corner behind the cabinet doors


It’s hard to believe until you’ve seen that an entire kitchen can fit in that closet. There is even a refrigerator and a practical folding table where you can quietly enjoy a meal.

The washing machine also fits in the built-in cupboard

small-apartment-furnishing-living room-built-in wardrobe-white-leather-armchair-black

In addition to the clothes, there is also space for the washing machine in the built-in cupboard. Above are the shelves with all the detergents. The clothes are hung up and arranged on shelves. There is a shelf at the door for handbags only. Since everything in the wardrobe is very well organized, everything can be found very easily despite the many things there.

With such a built-in wardrobe, you don’t have to do without the modern design


Everything has its place. When the doors are closed, you can enjoy this neat and cozy living room. In the middle is the famous Eames Lounge Chair by the American designer couple Charles and Ray Eames.

A lot can be stored in the spacious built-in wardrobe

small-apartment-furnishing-living room-built-in wardrobe-white-wood-black-leather-sofa-stool

The clothes are arranged in two levels. Small compartments are mounted on the doors where you can store all the little things. The mirror is hung on the other door. With the shelves next to it, the left door can function as a dressing table.

Invisible door in the wall in the living room

small-apartment-furnishing-scmales-living-room-beige-leather-sofa-wood-wall paneling-black-dining table

A panel of intricate, eye-catching design covers the wall opposite the sofa. Invisible doors are part of this wall covering. However, they are difficult to notice at first glance. The design of the wall cladding elongates and visually increases the space.

The invisible doors lead to other rooms

small-apartment-furnishing-living-room-wood-wall cladding-metal-wall-panel-beige-floor tiles

This wall design is reminiscent of the concept for secret doors. This is how you can create your own hiding place at home. The design of the wall is very chic and was composed of dark and light wood and metal panels.

Elegant lighting in the living room

small-apartment-furnishing-dining-room-black-dining-table-chair-wooden wall cladding-crystal-pendant lamp

The metal panels together with the glass surface of the dining table reflect the light and additionally emphasize the optical illusion of spaciousness. The crystal pendant lights give the room a real feeling of luxury.

Bright living room with dining area, the floor tiles in high gloss optically enlarge the room

small-apartment-furnishing-dining-area-living-room-wood-dining-table-chairs-shelf-metal-pendant lamp

Although this bathroom is small, there is space for everything you need

small-apartment-furnishing-bathroom-mosaic-shower-cubicle-wooden base-cabinet-white-countertop-washbasin-mirror

Another illusion – the suspended ceiling makes the room look higher

small-apartment-furnishing-living room-dining-area-beige-sofa-white-brick-wall-black-glass table-television cabinet

Living room, kitchen and dining area in one room


The dining table is designed like an optical extension of the wall


The folding doors are very practical when you need a temporary separation of the room

small-apartment-furnishing-living-room-beige-sofa-floor-tiles-high-gloss-tv-lowboard-wooden-folding-doors-room dividers

Fitted wardrobes that separate the hall from the living room

small-apartment-furnishing-hall-design-wardrobe-built-in-cupboard-white-bench-wall mirror

With built-in kitchen cabinets you can make optimal use of the space

small-apartment-furnishing-kitchen-white-cupboard-shelving-installation-wooden table-wooden stool-pendant lamp

A kitchen counter for breakfast and entertainment

small-apartment-furnishing-kitchen-counter-wood-bar stool-white-worktop-high gloss

The industrial style wall lights save space

small-apartment-furnishing-bedroom-black-upholstered bed-bedside table-white-parquet floor

A built-in wardrobe and a pedestal bed solve the problem with limited space in the bedroom

small-apartment-furnishing-bedroom-pedestal-bed-black-built-in cupboard-wooden floor-white-pendant lamp

The bed with drawers is very practical for small bedrooms

small-apartment-furnishing-bedroom-bathroom-space-saving-bed-drawer-countertop-basin-base cabinet

With such a rotatable construction, two rooms can be used with a television


There is an upholstered bench by the window where you can read, dream and relax

small-apartment-furnishing-living-room-gray-sofa-table-wood-red-carpet-gray-brick wall

This brick wall separates the living room from the entrance area and at the same time allows enough light in the rest of the room

small-apartment-furnishing-living-room-blue-sofa-wooden television cabinet-wooden floor-brick wall-built-in cabinet