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Furnishing a one-room apartment – designing rooms with practical living ideas

Furnishing a one-room apartment interior-monochrome-mural-glass-coffee table

If you have to furnish an apartment that has a room, it can be difficult. All the necessary rooms and the associated furniture must be accommodated in the smallest of spaces. A small living room can quickly become a bedroom and kitchen at the same time. So that you are equipped with some inspirations when you use your Furnish a one-room apartment, we have put together a gallery with pictures from 5 apartments that you can use as furnishing tips.

Furnishing a one-room apartment – ideas from 5 apartments

Furnishing a one-room apartment panels-plywood-wall cladding-indirect-lighting

This first apartment is characterized by monochrome furnishings, including attractive plywood wall cladding. When furnishing a one-room apartment that is limited in space, it is important not to go overboard with the dark colors. This living room forms the basis for all the other space-saving measures in the rest of the apartment.

How to set up a one-room apartment?

Furnishing a one-room apartment partition-wall-narrow-television-lowboard-recessed lights

Decorative elements and a narrow partition for the television visually divide the room, which is a practical option when it comes to furnishing a one-room apartment. Here the seating area, which also represents the living room, is carpeted, while the rest of the room is covered with laminate. The carpet helps keep the seating area from looking too rigid and thus adapts it to the rest of the room.

Work and dining area

Furnishing a one-room apartment gray-green-modern-living-room-design

The dining area forms another partition wall, as there is also space for a work area with plenty of storage space thanks to the spacious shelving and cabinet systems. Here, to furnish a one-room apartment, the opportunity is also used to provide color. The color of the wood of the chairs matches the rest of the surfaces, while the seat shells create a contrast in green.

Stylish interior

Furnishing a one-room apartment round-dining table-pendant lamp-wall unit-shelves

The interior is not only adorned by the green chairs. The pendant lamp by Seppo Koho is just as decorative. If you set up the one-room apartment, you shouldn’t do without decorations. They make the small room even more homely and, above all, more stylish. With a little elegance, it is no longer so much noticeable how small the respective room is.

Minimalist kitchen

Furnishing a one-room apartment one-room-ideas-kitchen-modern

The small kitchen was chosen to be very simple and modern. Contrasting colors such as beige and matt black were used. There is no seating in this area, which guarantees sufficient space to work in the kitchen. When furnishing your one-room apartment you should keep this in mind. Don’t overdo it with the furniture. In this case, less is more!

Extra bedroom

Furnishing a one-room apartment inspirations-design-sleeping area-plywood

Although it is a one-room apartment, the apartment has a separate bedroom. This is formed by a built-in shelf, which at the same time ensures privacy, and a sliding glass door. The latter also guarantees sufficient daylight in the windowless room. You can use all of these ideas as inspiration when furnishing a one-room apartment. The colors of the kitchen and the rest of the interior design of the apartment are repeated.

Narrow bathroom

Furnishing a one-room apartment small-bathroom-ideas-tiles-dark gray-wall color

Optical illusions can come in very handy when furnishing your one room apartment. This small bathroom, for example, appears more spacious due to the small, elongated tiles, which also allows the use of dark colors. The view is directed towards the ceiling. There is a spacious shower at the end of the room.

Matted black

Furnishing a one-room apartment matt-black-bathroom-open-shower

The dark colors are not only allowed in this bathroom, but also give the bathroom a certain elegance that makes the room appear luxurious. The indirect lighting behind the mirror certainly makes a further contribution to this. Make a good assessment of the right color choice when furnishing your one-room apartment. After all, you want an interior that exudes positive vibes.

Practical storage space


Despite the small size, the apartment has a walk-in closet, which was also designed in matt black and beige. Glass sliding doors are built in for locking. Sufficient storage space is usually the biggest problem in small apartments. Make sure to include them where possible when furnishing your one-room apartment.

Closet in the hallway

Furnishing a one-room apartment-wardrobe-hallway-mirrored-doors-lighting-shoe rack

Another wardrobe, which also serves as a cloakroom, is in the hallway. This is equipped with indirect lighting inside, so that you can find everything at any time of the day. The large sliding mirror doors are not only aesthetically useful. At the same time, they make the hallway appear larger. When furnishing your one-room apartment, you too are playing with reflective surfaces.

Design an apartment with brick

one-room-apartment-furnishing-texture-ideas-accent wall-clinker-work area-desk

The next apartment, which is a design by Lugerin Architects, is no less impressive. It is characterized by different textures, which ensure liveliness in the room, which is only 56 square meters in size. Materials used include brick, wood, and concrete. Consider using this type of floor plan when furnishing your one-room apartment.

Furnishing a one-room apartment – tips for room dividers

one-room-apartment-furnishing-concrete-wood-projector-spotlight-lamps-floor lamp-living room

Take a look at the living room: a white wall is fitted with a lowboard that takes on the role of a wall unit, saving space. In order not to obstruct the small wall too much, they counted on a projector instead of a large television. All possible space-saving variants are to be considered when setting up a one-room apartment.

Wooden panels with a surprise effect


The wood panels are not cladding as you might think. These are sliding doors that screen the bedroom and kitchen together with the white wall from the living room. Panels are a great idea when it comes to furnishing a one-room apartment and, more precisely, dividing areas.

Furnishing a one-room apartment – examples as inspiration


The entire living space appears bright and friendly. Bright colors and lots of light are important when furnishing a small one-room apartment. A bright ambience ensures that the room appears larger. Add some color too, especially if you’ve chosen otherwise neutral hues. That looks nice and alive.

Furnishing small rooms – idea for the bedroom


Despite the clever division of the living space, the bedroom is a very small room that not only had to accommodate a double bed but also a wardrobe. This closet is right behind the white wall that you saw in the living room. Also, pay attention to the type of closet, as this could come in handy when furnishing your one-room apartment.

Furnish your apartment cleverly

one-room apartment-furnishing-combination-bookshelf-wardrobe-bedroom

The wardrobe is neither too big nor too small. Since the bedroom would look very crowded if the wardrobe would take up the entire wall, it was framed with an open shelf instead. This offers storage space for many books that would otherwise not find a place in the small apartment. Avoid bulky furniture when furnishing a one-room apartment.

Modern kitchen design


Clever storage space is not only found in the bedroom. The small but practical kitchen has classic cupboards in a minimalist style as well as some open cupboards in which glasses with spices and other products are stowed away. This makes the kitchen look more open. A depressing mood due to many closed surfaces is avoided. Create some open designs when furnishing your one-room apartment too.

Stylish and friendly bathroom


At least as impressive as the rest of the apartment is the bathroom. Neutral and light colors ensure that you never want to leave the bathroom again. However, the color accents have not been forgotten here either. Here they are used in the form of a striped carpet. Use colors to decorate the studio to break up the atmosphere.

Natural materials in the bathroom


The natural colors are created by natural materials. In addition to wall cladding made of wood, these are stone tiles with an impressive appearance. Again, pay attention to the use of the mirrors. You shouldn’t forget this, especially in the small bathroom, when you set up your one-room apartment after thorough planning.

Open shower

Furnishing-one-room-apartment-of course-materials-stone-tiles-tinted-glass-shower

A locked shower makes the room appear smaller because it takes up space. You can counteract this by choosing either an open or semi-open shower design or by using a transparent glass wall. This can also be slightly tinted. Either way, this is a great solution if you’re furnishing a one-room apartment to make small areas appear spacious.

Furnish a small one-room apartment


Even more color has been used to furnish the one-room apartment in this example. Another difference is that no partitions were used to divide the individual areas. Not that the other apartments are less inviting. But this apartment has a certain charm with its openness, you won’t find it?

Living room inspiration with open space design


The pleasant dining area is also immediately noticeable. Transparency in the form of an acrylic table visually ensures spaciousness, while the chairs in Burghunder add the finishing touches to the aesthetics. They were designed by the Brazilian designer Guilherme Wentz, who is responsible for the entire “La Central” collection. The chairs have the woven style of the Acapulco chairs. The choice of furniture is very important when furnishing a one-room apartment, as with any other type of apartment.

Practical division of the living areas


The classic designs that were used to furnish one-room apartments are enhanced by accents in Burghunder, yellow and sky blue, which makes for a stylish interior overall. The television area is used very effectively. Mounted on a pole, it can be rotated and adjusted in height, so it can be used in both the sleeping and sitting areas.

Large windows


The one-room apartment has large windows that fill it with plenty of daylight. Plain, white walls and a light laminate floor make the room look stylish. The idea of ​​furnishing a one-room apartment is perfect for bachelors or bachelors or as a first apartment for couples, because there is absolutely nothing missing.

Furnish rooms with a lot of wood


In this apartment, traditional and modern elements are wonderfully combined. If the modern design is too simple for you, you can combine rustic ideas for furnishing one-room apartments with them, as was done here with wall cladding made of wooden boards combined with cupboards. The cupboards also serve as benches and lowboards.

Room divider between dining area and bedroom

One-room apartment-furnishing-wall cladding-idea-wood-dining table-accent wall-dark

The bed is well hidden behind a wooden wall. In this living room, the light wood is combined with gray and black walls. Simply great furnishing ideas that you can implement when furnishing your own one-room apartment. Pay attention to the decorative elements that have been used here and there to decorate the rooms.

Black and white apartment


The exact opposite of the previous apartment is this variant. Chic furniture and surfaces make the apartment look particularly elegant. In addition to striking contrasts, the facility also plays with geometric patterns and motifs, which can be found in the floor and ceiling, among other things. Is this a suitable option for you when furnishing your one-room apartment?

High gloss floor


The white high-gloss floor that was chosen for the sleeping area is very striking. Take a look at the bed too. The bed box, headboard and shelf represent one and the same piece of furniture, which is also characterized by high gloss. In this way, storage space is provided. Custom furniture is sometimes necessary when furnishing one room apartment and can come in particularly useful.

Glamorous sliding door


This attractive sliding door with a brass effect, which is divided into three parts, ensures privacy in the sleeping area. The impressive interior is given a luxurious look, which is further emphasized by the state-of-the-art furniture. A perfect idea for furnishing a one-room apartment for everyone who likes glamor.

Decorative ceiling


The design of the ceiling is formed from hexagonal motifs. The lamps are also integrated in this design for setting up a one-room apartment. Opposite the window, a large mirrored wall provides a visually larger space, whereby the light is also reflected at the same time. Sliding doors like those from the bedroom can also be found in front of the wall unit. When closed, these create a more minimalistic look.

Designs by YØ DEZEEN

Lugerin Architects

Roşca Vadim