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Furnishing a maritime apartment: This is how you bring that holiday feeling into your own four walls!

Especially in winter, when it’s gray and cold outside, we long for warm summer days and beautiful sea views as far as the eye can see. However, you don’t have to go to the beach to feel like you are by the sea. We show you how to furnish the apartment in a maritime style and experience the beach flair at home. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for maritime decoration!

Maritime furnishings: colors, materials and decoration

Wall mural with anchors in the living room

The maritime furnishing style is characterized by fresh colors and natural materials. White tones are combined with blue and red accents and the natural look of wood. With some nice rattan furniture, an original wall decoration, or the flotsam collected from your last beach vacation, you can give your apartment a maritime look without completely renovating it. Whether in the living room, children’s room, bedroom or bathroom – with the maritime furnishings you can bring that holiday feeling home quickly and effectively.

Wall design in maritime style

Maritime photo wallpaper in the bedroom

Wall design is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to change the effect and character of a room. Whether with a new coat of paint, a pretty mural or wallpaper – the rooms quickly get a completely new look. If you want to furnish the apartment maritime, then the wall design plays a decisive role. White is perfect as a wall color and can be wonderfully rounded off with an accent wall. For example, how about some fresh shades of blue in the bedroom that recreate the waves? Or better yet, with one Wall mural sea, that brings the captivating sight of the sea into your own living room? The possibilities for an original wall design in a maritime living style are as good as infinite. on For example, you will find a wide range of posters, wallpapers and murals that perfectly match this theme.

Rattan furniture gives home a beach flair

Maritime poster in the boho living room

In addition to a suitable wall design, you can also furnish your apartment maritime with a new piece of furniture. Rattan, for example, has long ceased to be a material just for the garden and goes well with this furnishing style. A couple of rattan chairs in the dining room create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere and fit wonderfully into a maritime furnished room. A large rattan armchair, on the other hand, is a nice addition to the trendy boho-chic style and cuts a fine figure in the bedroom as well as in the living room. Paired with some nautical decorative elements, such furniture would bring that holiday feeling into the house.

Set accents with textiles in navy blue and red

Maritime Gallery Wall in the living room

If you don’t want to renovate your apartment but just freshen it up, you are definitely on the right track with textiles. Even a few new decorative pillows or a matching tablecloth can work wonders in the interior. The color palette of the maritime style mainly includes the color trio of white, navy blue and strong red. But if you like it a little more subtle, you can consider the so-called Hamptons Style. For this style of living, neutral colors such as white, beige or cream are more likely to come into question.

A good option for maritime furnishings would be to replace the old couch with a new, navy blue sofa and combine it with accessories made of wood, rattan, jute or cotton. This combination is reminiscent of the furnishing of beach houses and can also be wonderfully implemented in your own four walls.

Furnish and decorate your apartment in a maritime style

Furnish and decorate your apartment in a maritime atmosphere

As far as the decoration in the maritime furnished apartment is concerned, the flotsam that you collected during your last vacation at the sea is a great option. You can arrange mussels, sea urchins, starfish, etc. in beautiful glass containers and put them on the shelf. Nautical accessories such as anchors, lifebuoys, ropes and fishing nets spread even more holiday mood and will remind you of the sea every day. However, the rules of minimalism apply here. You shouldn’t overdo it, otherwise it will quickly become cheesy.

The maritime style of living can therefore be implemented in your own four walls without much effort. Even beautiful wallpaper with a sea motif, matching furniture in neutral colors and a few nautical elements as decoration are completely sufficient to transform the apartment into an oasis of relaxation.

Modern furnishings with maritime elements, beach chair rattan lamps