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Furnish the loft with gray furniture in a stylish and modern way

loft with gray furniture sofa decor cushions yellow accents fireplace partition wall

The design of this unique loft is thanks to the MARTINarchitects team. The loft is located in the capital of Ukraine Kiev and shows off modern design and practical room layout. As soon as you have looked at the photos of the apartment, you will realize once again how wonderfully factory spaces that are converted into lofts are suitable for an apartment. This doesn’t just apply to young adults and bachelors. In many cases, families can also find wonderful space in a loft, depending on the room layout. Now look at this Loft with gray furniture at!

Loft with gray furniture and industrial style coffee table

loft gray furniture coffee table industrial metal glass

The first room in the loft with gray furniture is already in the entrance area. This is a guest toilet with a shower, which is particularly practical as the guests would otherwise have to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom. Opposite the toilet there is a built-in wardrobe. Then you enter the spacious living room with an open kitchen design. It is already noticeable here that most of the loft was furnished with gray furniture. The walls there are made of brick and glass, while the ceiling and floor are made of wood. These are spiced up by a light gray sofa and a patchwork carpet with yellow accents. In the rear area there is again a cozy swing.

Loft with gray furniture – seat swing in cage look

loft with gray furniture seat swing cage look telescopic view skyline

The partition in the loft with gray furniture, which separates the living room from the kitchen and dining area, is also practical. This includes on the one hand a vertical garden and on the other hand a kitchen counter, which in turn contains a modern fireplace on the living room side. The kitchen is gray and modern and offers plenty of storage space.

Light gray couch

loft with gray furniture wall decoration picture idea ceiling wood beams

Three walls of the bedroom are made of glass. Through this one enters the living room on the one hand and a small office on the other hand, as well as the walk-in closet, which in turn leads to the bathroom. Wood paneling was chosen for the third wall. The loft is also furnished with gray furniture in the bedroom. The bathroom impresses in the industrial style with metal details and walls in a metal look. The bathtub is clad in attractive brass, while an open design has been chosen for the shower.

Modern, gray kitchen design

loft with gray furniture kitchen modern pillar street lamp look

Loft with brick wall and wooden ceiling and floor

loft with gray furniture modern light gray sofa patchwork carpet

Gray furniture with yellow accents

loft gray furniture stylish interior yellow accents

Loft walls made of glass

loft gray furniture glass wall living room bedroom furnishing

Modern dining room with vertical garden

loft gray furniture dining room vertical garden brick wall

Modern furniture for the dining area

loft gray furniture dining table chairs modern moss industrial lamp

loft gray furniture nightstand wall art yellow

loft gray furniture bed elegant parquet walk-in closet

loft with gray furniture bedroom design glass walls

loft with gray furniture dresser side table bed light gray

loft gray furniture office idea sliding glass curtain

Loft with gray furniture home office desk metal heating

loft gray furniture bathroom open shower blue lighting glass

loft gray furniture bathroom tub brass industrial style

loft with gray furniture washbasin white modern wall bathroom

loft gray furniture guests toilet sink idea barrel

loft gray furniture entrance door red accent wall cupboard

loft gray furniture floor plan modern facility

Design by MARTINarchitects.