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Furnish in black and white and gray: House in Brazil with non-colored interiors

Who thought that non-colors like black, white and gray are boring? Especially in furnishings, they form the perfect neutral background for creative decorations, give the room depth and create exciting contrasts. We present you a project from Brazil, where modern aesthetics meet traditional furnishing principles. The timeless elegance of the interior in black and white is what makes the next minimalist house in Brazil so charming. Located in a densely populated area, this narrow city villa has a lot to offer.

Furnishing living rooms in black and white and gray: the basic principles of an interior in non-colors

Set up living room and kitchen with dining area in non-colors such as black, white and gray

A living room in black, white and gray exudes sophistication. It is important that the walls, floor and ceiling form the right background. In this case, the talented architects at Flipê Arquitetura opted for a modern floor covering made of exposed concrete. It is easy to care for, looks good and is suitable both for heavily used rooms such as hallways and living rooms, as well as for less used rooms such as the bedroom. The ceiling is also made of exposed concrete and also emphasizes the industrial look of the room. The white walls together with the dark wood staircase give the small room depth.

Living rooms in black and white and gray set up a modular sofa and white walls and black and white pictures as wall decorations

Since the living area on the ground floor is very small, the architects wanted to make the best possible use of the available space. For this purpose, they opted for an open kitchen with adjoining dining area, a modular sofa with an integrated coffee table and a metal room divider that doubles as a banister. This leaves enough free space that makes the room appear more spacious. At the same time, the facility is extremely convenient because everything necessary for the comfort of residents and their guests is within easy reach.

Gray living room with black and white pictures and a modular sofa with a marble coffee table

At the same time, the living area is visually divided into several zones. In the lounge area, residents can make themselves comfortable on a day bed and a deep sofa. Black and white pictures on the wall set accents and lamps with adjustable arms cast focused light on the table. At the same time, the room divider houses a small book collection, so that on rainy days the living area becomes a cozy reading corner.

Furnish in black, white and gray: the kitchen with handleless cabinet fronts

modern black and white kitchen with built-in appliances and handleless cabinet doors

The kitchen with handleless fronts is a real minimalist work of art. There is space for kitchen appliances, accessories, cutlery and crockery behind the sleek cabinet doors so that nothing stands in the way and the small room looks tidy. The kitchen island with the adjacent dining table for eight offers sufficient work space for amateur cooks. So nothing stands in the way of cooking evenings with friends.

Modern minimalist kitchen with white cabinet fronts and black dining table with pendant light

The right lighting ensures that everyone around the table feels comfortable. Steerable pendant lights in industrial style diffuse soft light and create an atmosphere in the evening. They are also adjustable in height so that if necessary they can serve as work light for the kitchen when preparing the food.

And if the residents don’t feel like cooking after a long day at work and just want to relax, then you can watch TV. Because there is even room for a home cinema system in the small city villa in Brazil.

Furnish the kitchen in black and white with adjoining dining area and dining table with wooden chairs

The living area looks bright and inviting, as large, floor-level windows allow plenty of sunlight into the interior. Sliding glass doors seamlessly connect inside and outside, where a covered terrace invites you to linger outdoors. The outdoor area is divided into two: The terrace is furnished with an outdoor kitchen with refrigerator, gas grill and sink. Then there is still a bit of space for the garden, which is protected from the outside view by a high wall. Since there was not enough space left for flowers and plants, the architects decided to plant the garden wall with local climbing plants.

On the second floor there is a spacious bedroom with a bathroom. Join us on a virtual tour to see the rest of the house as well.

The garden and the terrace with the outdoor kitchen

Design a winter garden in black and white and create a covered terrace with a modern outdoor kitchen

The planted garden wall

Terrace with a small garden and garden wall planted with climbing plants

Large sliding glass doors connect the living area and the terrace

Combine black, white and gray in the winter garden and spice it up with orange

The kitchen is functional and stylish

Design a fitted kitchen with a television in black, white and gray

All kitchen appliances with the exception of the extractor hood are built in

white kitchen with handleless cabinet fronts and extractor hood

The room divider offers space for books, magazines and house plants

Design modern dining room in black, white and gray

There is a toilet behind a handleless door

Set up in black and white and gray wooden stairwell and walls with wood paneling

It was mainly decorated with black and white pictures and posters

Black and white pictures as wall decorations in the living room

The living area looks out to the garden

Living area with sliding glass doors and a view of the garden

The sleeping area is on the second floor

Design the bedroom and living room in gray with exposed concrete floors

The bedroom has a wooden ceiling that creates a cozy atmosphere

Modern furnishing of the bedroom with wardrobe and pull-out desk

The bed is covered with leather

Furnish a modern bedroom in non-colors with a leather-covered bed

Cabinets also offer additional storage space in the hallway

Storage space in the hallway and in the stairwell Ideas for handleless closets

A small home office can be found in the bedroom

Wardrobe with handleless fronts and pull-out desk in the bedroom

The first floor bathroom has plaster walls and concrete sinks

White and gray bathrooms design plaster walls and floor and concrete sinks

The bathroom on the second floor is designed in an industrial style

Furnish the bathroom in black and white and gray with a rain shower and double washbasin and mirror

Double washbasin with bathroom fittings made of black chrome

Washbasin with industrial style faucets in black

The bathroom and toilet are separated from each other by a sliding door

Bathroom and toilet separated with sliding door and bathroom cabinets made of gray wood

The furniture at a glance: the outdoor kitchen

Sketch of the outdoor kitchen-with-refrigerator and sink and gas grill.

The kitchen in the living area with the cooking island

Sketch of the kitchen island with dining area and the lighting.

The kitchen in the living area: the storage space

Dressing room with wardrobes

The fitted kitchen and the TV cabinet

Sketch-v Sketch of the shower-and-sink-in-bathroom-on-the-shower-and-sink-in-bathroom

The terrace and the garden

Sketch of the bedroom with television and wardrobe with storage space

The staircase

Sketch of the staircase made of wood without a railing with a room distributor

The living area and the garden

Sketch of the living room with kitchen with adjoining dining area and covered terrace

The bathroom on the second floor

Sketch of the bathroom with toilet and the bathroom cabinets

The bedroom and the home office

Bedroom with bathroom and dressing room with storage space

The staircase

Sketch of the house with a narrow staircase and metal room divider

Project by Flipê Arquitetura