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Furnish in Black and Brown – A spectacular home in the Utah mountains

black and brown kitchen furnishing wooden furniture black leather

When you are faced with the task of redesigning your own home, choosing colors and materials is at the top of your to-do list. At this point you can be inspired by designer apartments and implement interesting furnishing ideas in your own four walls. In this article we present the private mountain residence “Quarry House”, which was completed in 2017 by RKD Architects. This is a house in the mountains of Utah that consists of three connected structures. Each of them is equipped with leaning panoramic windows that offer a breathtaking view of the wonderful surroundings. The interior design of the house is a great example of how one could furnish the apartment with black and brown.

hallway design black and brown wooden floor ceiling window front

Anyone who wants to ensure a feeling of security and comfort in their own four walls is definitely right with furnishings in brown tones. Brown is the color of the earth and is reminiscent of wood, nature and warmth. That is why it is very popular in interior design. Brown can also be combined with almost anything if the right shade is selected. The combination of black and brown conveys timeless elegance and looks very noble in the interior.

black brown color combination house glass fronts

It is precisely this color combination that the architects and interior designers selected for the interior of the beautiful mountain residence. Brown comes in the form of wooden ceilings throughout the house, as well as wooden floors for the hallways between the individual buildings. The natural effect of the color is further enhanced by unique furniture made of driftwood. A huge piece of wood serves as a practical kitchen island, which with its natural look sets a nice accent in the kitchen with dining area.

house furnishings sanded floor carpet hanging chair fireplace

The living room with an open fireplace offers pure relaxation for the residents. You can relax on the spacious sofa or in the comfortable hanging chair and enjoy the breathtaking views. The snow-covered landscape in winter and the green surroundings in summer pamper the senses and create a real sense of wellbeing.

color combination black brown sanded concrete floor

The combination of black and brown can be found in every room of the house. In the living room and bedroom, the wooden ceilings are paired with a polished concrete floor, which conveys an industrial charm. The massive black steel structures around the windows, which look like large steel girders, also add to this.

bedroom black brown set up wood wall ceiling fireplace

Since the color combination can be found everywhere in the interior, a harmonious overall picture is created in the house. The warm brown tones are used primarily as wall and ceiling cladding, with black adding great accents. Would you also furnish your apartment in black and brown?

bedroom design gray brown black carpet pattern

bathroom beautiful mixed brown gray color combination

industrial bathroom design black accent

vanity design black white modern abstract

home office black brown set up beautiful outlook

spectacular house design glass fronts outdoor fireplace

house design glass fronts connecting different buildings

house garden large lawn trees

house in the mountains nature beautiful views

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