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Fresh ideas for furnishing a lively living room


We would like to introduce you to 20 wonderful ideas for furnishing a living living room. There you will see how a dark living room can be furnished to make it look cheerful and how you can make a monochrome living room livelier with a few accessories or additional pieces of furniture. Check out the gallery below Furnishing ideas and let yourself be inspired to spice up your own living room! It will definitely take your breath away.

Ideas for decorating with color

living room-ideas-for-furnishing-neutral-shades-accents-green-modern-carpet

1. By and large, the interior is made up of neutral tones. But in order to bring a little color into the room, accents in green color were added. For this purpose, decorative cushions and a modern carpet were used in the seating area.

Living room furnishings in contrasting colors


2. There is a lack of bright colors here, but that is not an obstacle to the living room looking friendly. Light colors for the sofa, the wall and the floor are successfully combined with darker colors for part of the walls and the extension wall.

Ideas for decorating with flowers and green plants

monochrome-living-room-furnishing-decorative-articles-spice up-cushions-sofa

3. A monochrome interior, whether in the living room or in another room, can be spiced up with a few decorative items. In this case, this is achieved through cushions cleverly placed on the dark sofa. The colorful flower on the coffee table cannot be overlooked either – another way of adding liveliness to the room.

Design in natural colors


4. Natural colors in beige determine the furnishings in this living room in every respect. The center of the living room, i.e. the seating area, is emphasized by a great carpet with an interesting pattern. And although this is only black and white, it provides variety. The decorative cushions on the sofa and the pretty picture on the wall have the same effect.

Living room with fresh accents


5. It’s not just the pretty tulips that immediately catch the eye. A carpet actually provides color again. This represents a colorful decoration for the area between the living room and the kitchen, which might otherwise look a little too bare.

Furnishing ideas – perfect room lighting


6. But you can also create a wonderful room with lighting. The minimalist furnishings in monochrome style almost screams for some color. In order not to overdo it, there is an interesting lighting for a good change. This was worked into the ceiling in such a way that it is insulated and therefore not intrusive.

Successful mix of styles and materials

modern-furnishings-traditional-Persian-carpet-color-in-the-living room

7. How about combining your modern interior with a traditional Persian rug. This may not sound like seductive to your mind, but just look how wonderful the result is in this example. The idea is unique and adds extra color to the living room.

Modern decor with wood tones


8. This white facility has been spiced up with a photo wallpaper on the opposite wall. This is by far not everything. The white, floating staircase has a color accent in the form of a step in coral and runs straight into a sideboard. This gives the living room a really unique and modern atmosphere. Nobody will imitate you anytime soon.

Friendly living room in a loft style


9. The gray-blue couch looks incredibly comfortable and invites you to sit down and lie down. The living room looks very friendly thanks to the light floor and the white walls, but also a little colorless, don’t you think? The owners are sure to think so too, because a pretty picture with great color effects hangs over the sofa.

Ideas for furnishing in a classic style

Ideas-furnishing-living room-yellow-wall-marble-painting-classical-art

10. This interesting living room has a lot of warm colors. This is achieved through the yellow marble wall, but also through the paintings of classical art. In this way, the wonderful, white couch is perfectly emphasized.

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