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Freestanding fireplace design in the living area – 9 ideas

fireplace design freestanding wood furnishing cladding dining table white

House design by KÜHNLEIN architecture.

You can set an attractive and practical accent with a fireplace. That is already known. But how about if you don’t just decorate the wall with it, but use it as the centerpiece of the room and, accordingly, a free-standing one Wood stove design Select.

Whether in classic black, made of shiny chrome, in the form of an open or glazed fire bowl or with white cladding – an attractive eye-catcher is guaranteed! And above all as a room divider, a free-standing stove can do very well. Especially if it also has two or even three glass walls so that the fire can be observed from every room. In this article we would like to introduce you to some of these ideas for stove design. Look wonderful these fireplaces can upgrade the modern, but also rustic interior and at the same time provide a cozy warmth.

Chimney stove design as a room divider

House design by Šebo Lichý architects.

fireplace design partition wall idea white design carpet couch black

Here we have an example of a stove design where the fireplace is used as a room divider. In this way, the living room is optically separated from the rest of the living area and a cozy atmosphere is created. The fireplace is painted white while a large slab of stone adorns the floor around the fireplace. This idea is suitable for any interior style.

Freestanding stove design for a hallway

Holiday home design by Oslo studio.

fireplace design black metal hallway furnishings steps stone

You have to admit that this sleek hallway wouldn’t look nearly as attractive without the free-standing fireplace. In addition, the stove design fits perfectly with the stone-look flooring. From the hallway, the heat can also flow evenly into all rooms.

Modern, free-standing stove in the kitchen

fireplace design kitchen furnishing fireplace kitchen island black

House design by MU Architecture.

Fire bowl design for the interior

fireplace design fire bowl indoors living room parquet dining table

House design by Candida Tabet Architecture.

Fire bowl in the living room with a noble stove pipe

fireplace design modern metal shine fire bowl red sofa leather

House design by Miller design.

Contrasting black stove in a bright living area

fireplace design black bright living room furnishing wood ceiling

House design by Christopher Simmonds.

The shiny stove with a round shape

fireplace design round shape chrome glass living room apartment skyline

Apartment design by Smith Designs.

Freestanding stove design with storage space for firewood

fireplace design room divider firewood storage couch yellow gray

House design by multiPlan architecture.