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First apartment – step by step to your own home

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Regardless of whether you are starting your training or studying in a foreign city, at some point there is always a time when young people leave their parents’ home to stand on their own two feet. Some people first move into a shared apartment or student dormitory, but many want their dream of their first apartment to come true. However, until a suitable property is found, the rental agreement signed, the move completed and the new realm designed to be comfortable, a lot has to be done.

Finding an Erse apartment – not always easy

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Especially if you are looking for a suitable single apartment in one of the major metropolises in Germany, such as Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg, it is often difficult. The rush of students is great and the few available objects are quickly taken. That’s why people looking for a home shouldn’t rely on the Internet alone, they should also subscribe to a local daily newspaper. Older landlords in particular often place advertisements there. However, since most young people look for apartments online, the chances are not bad that an appointment to view an apartment advertised in the newspaper will not come up with quite as many competitors as usual. Another option is to hire a broker. However, this is sometimes costly and is therefore out of the question for many trainees and students. Last but not least, it is also worth asking the various housing associations. You can then look for suitable objects and often it is possible to visit them directly.

First apartment – convince the landlord

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Landlords are often critical, especially in the big cities, where the rush is enormous, and it is not that easy to prevail against the competition. It is therefore advisable to bring a complete and appealing application folder with you to every viewing appointment. This should include:

Proof of salary or written proof of a guarantee (for trainees or students)

– Schufa information

– Curriculum vitae

– Confirmation of absence of rental debts

– Information about the previous landlord (if available)

– The following must also be specified:

– Marital status

– Whether there are children

– Whether there are pets

– The following does not have to be stated truthfully:

– Whether you are a smoker

– How often are parties celebrated

– Whether loud music is heard

– What nationality you have

– Which religion you belong to

– Whether you have a criminal record

First apartment – organize the move


Once the right apartment has been found, the move must be organized. Here it is advisable to plan early and, above all, to mobilize enough helpers. It is particularly important to rent a moving van in good time. These are quickly booked out, especially on the weekends. If the move takes place on a busy street, a stopping zone should also be set up so that the van can park as close to the property as possible. The stopping zone may not be set up by yourself, the police are responsible for that. A few days before the move, mucking out and packing is on the agenda. Never pack the boxes too heavily so that the helpers can still carry them. Always put heavy objects, such as books, down and stack lighter objects, such as pillows or the like, on top of them. For example, upholstery material, packing blankets and cardboard boxes can be rented from many moving companies.

First apartment – on the safe side, thanks to the right insurance


If you move out of your home, you now have to protect yourself in the event that something unforeseen happens. But which insurances are advisable in connection with the first home of your own?

The most important insurance is a private liability insurance. This covers damage caused to someone else’s property. For example, if the washing machine leaks and damages the building fabric or the furnishings of the tenant one apartment lower down, this can quickly become very expensive. Private liability insurance pays for such incidents.

The contribution “The most important insurance for tenants“Further recommends taking out household insurance. This pays for damage to your own home, for example due to a storm, fire or theft. Furnishings are often also insured. Since there are often disputes between the tenant and the landlord or between the individual tenants, it should also be considered whether legal protection insurance makes sense.

Furnish your first apartment cheaply


Very few trainees and students have the financial means to equip their own four walls completely new from the start. So here are some inexpensive setup tips:

Browse online sales platforms

Numerous people offer their used furniture for sale on sales platforms on the Internet. Often they are even given away to people who collect them themselves. If you don’t want to accept long travel times, you can only view offers from your region. The furniture is often in good condition and available for a fraction of the original price.

Rummage through the basement and attic

Whether with your own parents or other relatives and friends – in basements and attics there are often unused pieces of furniture that can be borrowed. Often a new coat of paint is enough and grandma’s old chest of drawers looks great in the student apartment.

Giving old furniture a new shine

That brings us to the next point, the reconditioning of old furniture. Regardless of whether you want a new cover for the old armchair or the table has to be sanded down, if you have a little manual skill and, above all, creativity, you can conjure up modern, unique pieces from old found objects. Instructions on how to restore old furniture can be found at the West.

Make the first apartment look bigger with a few tricks and tweaks

first-apartment-wall-design-ideas-living room

The rents are expensive and the first apartment is therefore usually very small. So now it’s about how the small apartment can be visually enlarged. The most important tips at a glance:

Wall paint

The wall colors should always be light and friendly, as the room looks bigger. Dark colors, on the other hand, compress the room and quickly make it appear oppressive. If you find white walls too boring, you can opt for ice blue, light green or a sunny yellow, for example. Striking patterns and wallpapers also ensure that the room looks smaller, so it is better to use uniform surfaces.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Sounds banal, but mirrors, especially large ones, automatically make rooms appear much more spacious. This can also be the mirror doors of the wardrobe.

Let there be light

If you rely on many small light sources instead of one large one, you also ensure that the room appears larger. This is especially the case when these shine with different levels of brightness.

Happy colors create an inviting atmosphere

Furnishing the first apartment - color design

 Orange and yellow in the one-room apartment