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Fireplace without chimney for an attractive play of flames – 30 great designs

Fireplace without chimney -living room-dining room-gas partition

Especially during the cold season you miss the warmth, which in turn leads to circling thoughts. Thanks to modern technology and without great effort, the fireplace dream can be fulfilled anywhere. The alternative, which has no disadvantages, is a decorative one Fireplace without chimney, which is operated by gas, ethanol or electricity. It creates a play of flames without smoke and fine dust.

A fireplace without a chimney is possible

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As a general rule, every chimney needs a vent for the smoke. So without a chimney, it’s not a chimney. There are still chimneys that do not emit smoke or exhaust gases and are therefore not considered wood-burning stoves according to the statutory provisions.

Open fireplace without a chimney – not every fireplace needs a hood

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Ethanol fireplaces are also known as bio or gel fireplaces. With these, a flame is actually created by burning the ethanol, but without harmful exhaust gases or smoke. A pleasant warmth can also be felt as a side effect. Ignition, regulation, everything is done at the push of a button.

Enjoy a bioethanol fireplace without a chimney and an open fire

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A chimney connection is not required for an ethanol fireplace, but you can enjoy a real play of flames at the same time. The great advantage is that a fireplace without a chimney is not subject to registration. Order, unpack and just enjoy. It may be mounted, built into the wall, etc..

Ethanol fireplace without chimney – heat emission

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Ethanol fireplaces without a chimney are no substitute for heating. When the ethanol is burned, additional heat is generated as a by-product, which can vary depending on the size of the room and the air exchange. With a heat output of approx. 3,000 watts (3 kWh) when burning 0.5 l of ethanol per hour, this can be taken into account.

A mini fireplace without a chimney – safe fireplace fun

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Anyone with small children or pets will certainly appreciate a safe open fire. This is how modern fireplaces without a chimney are convincing. Thanks to modern technology, a fireplace is simulated and looks deceptively real. In addition, time is in short supply today. If you had to worry about firewood and fine dust, where is the fun and relaxation? For those who find it too much work, there are these chimneys, which are extremely safe and easy to use due to their construction and mode of operation.

Electric fireplace without chimney – Optical illusion created by technology

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The modern electric fireplaces convince with a realistic impression for a flickering open fire. This is generated by a combination of LED lighting and water vapor. A heating output is optionally available, which makes the fun look even more real.

Fireplace without chimney with a modern look

Fireplace without chimney -modern-concrete-open-plan

Electric fireplaces are just the thing for those who want to invest little effort to operate. Without cutting and storing wood, without fine dust and smoke, you can enjoy a real game of flames and thus spend the long winter evenings relaxed. The flame can be adjusted via remote control and the simple, smokeless operation of the fireplace without a chimney can be enjoyed.

Fireplace without chimney – last generation 3D electric fireplace

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Last generation electric fireplaces work on the principle of 3D technology and provide a revolutionary look. The illusion of real fire with realistic flame effects, sparks and embers is created by steam misting and a switchable heating function is created.

Heating with a fireplace without a chimney – gas fireplace


Certain gas fireplaces manage without a chimney and still conjure up a wonderful play of flames. This is due to their special nature. Only the class A or AS gas fireplaces actually do not require a chimney. These work in a similar way to the typical kitchen stove and have a low level of carbon dioxide pollution.

Fireplace without chimney for heating


Gas fireplaces that have a pane of glass are highly efficient. This enables better waste gas disposal, and the carbon dioxide produced is released into the open without the need for a chimney. The result is a clean combustion and the pollutants are significantly reduced.

Gas fireplace without a chimney on the corner


Before buying a gas fireplace, you should find out from the manufacturer in advance. There are gas fires that work with propane or natural gas. Also, not every gas fireplace can function without a chimney. Some require a special exhaust system, others should be connected to the gas connection or are operated by liquid cartridges.

A fireplace without a chimney creates a real fireplace atmosphere


What actually is a decorative fireplace? Basically, this consists of a housing, which can be designed very attractively, and a fire box, which is usually invisible under the surface. It is filled with a fuel, for example alcohol, and is lit with a stick lighter. A real flame is created, whereby no pollutants or toxins are released.

Fireplace without chimney suitable for any area


The ethanol and electric fireplaces are well suited for every area, as no soot, smoke, toxins or pollutants are produced when they burn. Logically, for this very reason, no chimneys are required. These systems have a purely decorative function and this is a highlight that is particularly appreciated in the winter months.

Real fireplace atmosphere with a fireplace without a chimney

fireplace-without-chimney-wood-living room-highlight-eye-catcher

Fireplaces without a chimney cannot fulfill a heating function. They serve the purpose of creating a cozy, cozy atmosphere in your home that only a real fire flame is capable of. For this reason they are also called decorative chimneys.

Install a modern fireplace without a chimney


In fact, burning the ethanol creates a flame that naturally warms, but it’s a nice side effect. Bioethanol fireplaces can help raise the room temperature, but they cannot heat a room.

Decorative fireplace without chimney with wood 


Often you see logs in a decorative fireplace, but surprisingly they don’t really burn. They are deceptively real replicas made of ceramic and cannot burn, however.

Retrofit a chimney without a chimney and ensure safe use


Fireplaces without a chimney are easy to install, but still have a special construction made of non-flammable materials. As a rule, the combustion chamber is made of stainless steel and the fireplace cladding is designed in such a way that no heat is given off to the surrounding walls or furniture. Nevertheless, you should check for the security features such as TÜV and DIN when purchasing.

Glass fire as a highlight in the bathroom – a fireplace without a chimney


Whether to enjoy a long bath or simply to catch the eye, the fire creates an atmosphere for relaxation and dreaming. A glass fire can then be put to good use due to its handiness. It is flexible and can be used equally well in every area.

Highlight in the room – a fireplace without a chimney


The specialty of this type of open fireplace is that the flames can be viewed from all sides. All glass fire types consist exclusively of high-quality and very durable materials, such as: insulating glass with increased thermal protection, Scandinavian Gletzschersteine, Italian marble, aluminum, etc..

Fireplace without chimney in the bedroom


Decorative fireplaces can be dismantled and reassembled without any problems. This makes them not only suitable for every move, but also for use in every area of ​​the apartment, inside and outside the house. Because of their mobility, all types of fireplaces without a chimney are still referred to as furniture fireplaces.

A wide variety of models and finishes Fireplace without chimney


Decorative fireplaces are available in a wide variety of designs, models and materials that meet all kinds of requirements. Due to the variety of shapes and colors, a suitable fireplace can be found for every room. In the following, only a few possible variants are presented.

Exclusive design – fireplace without chimney as a decorative object


If a corner in the apartment has mostly been disregarded and needs a revitalization, this effect is achieved by a modern fireplace, whereby a chimney is no longer required. Designer pieces interpret the play of flames in a completely new way.

As an alternative to a fireplace – modern oil lamp


The oil lamps are well known to us from ancient times. Modern designs have nothing else to do with the principle of the play of flames. They serve as noble home accessories, but also as warming light in the outdoor area. In a new way, the oil can be refilled from above so that it is no longer necessary to take it apart.

Alternatively: fireplace without chimney for eye-catching


In old apartments and houses there was once a chimney, but it should be closed for some reason and only its border has remained. Otherwise you can buy one yourself and mount it at the desired location. A fake fireplace or a fireplace surround, however, serves as a beautiful decoration and provides an eye-catcher in the living room, children’s room or bedroom.

Make a fireplace without a chimney very decorative – decorate the fireplace surround with fireplace candles


A fireplace surround can be designed a lot like a real fireplace. For this purpose, chimney candles are also needed, which can be beautifully designed in the fireplace niche.

Decorative fireplace without a chimney – decorate the mantelpiece


If there is no option for a real fireplace or one with a decorative insert, a fireplace console, a fake fireplace, is a good alternative. It can be designed very imaginatively and decorated differently in every season. An insider tip: a mirror or other wall structure on the wall behind the fireplace console will also serve as a highlight.

Fake fireplace without a chimney decorated with wood 


Typically Scandinavian, firewood is placed around an open fireplace. It also looks particularly good as a decoration and contrasts nicely with the white base color. You have the option of stacking real firewood or arranging it purely decorative as a mosaic made of flat pieces of wood.

Decorate the mantelpiece with natural wooden discs


You can get a traditional fireplace console in almost every furniture store or you can make it yourself. Wooden discs are also part of the handicraft requirement, but can certainly be purchased cheaply from a carpenter.

Greening the fireplace without a chimney – small succulents 


A fireplace that is no longer in use leaves a natural niche free that can be implemented very creatively. This area is usually the focal point of the room and is therefore particularly suitable for any decoration. An imaginative idea is to arrange small, easy-care plants such as succulents.