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Exclusive bar design for another luxury experience in Dubai – Alegra

Bar design dubai alegra nightclub lighting chandelier

Alegra is an exclusive new night club for people who enjoy magical atmosphere and luxurious surroundings. This impressive Bar design is considered one of the best projects by Mr. Important Studio designed and implemented. Alegra night bar is another luxury experience in Dubai and it is worth seeing this interior design and feeling it with all your senses. If you come here, you will never forget the shiny decors, brilliant lighting, comfortable lounge furniture. They also prepare the best exotic cocktail ever.

The exclusive bar design by Mr. Important

Bar design dubai alegra bar counter mirror ceiling design

Mister Important is considered one of the best interior architects and designers when it comes to luxury and chic nightclubs, fine restaurants and expensive 5-star hotels. The talents from the studio don’t follow specific trends and techniques. You rely on intuition and the aesthetic sense of beauty and comfort. The Alegra Club is no exception to the portfolio. The luxurious club is located in Dubai, and combines the three most important characteristics of a luxury experience in Dubai – chic, originality and glamor. Loyal to the shiny and radiant interior designs, Mr. Important’s team did their best. Alegra is happy (alegra means happy in Spanish) to greet anyone who would like to immerse themselves in a brilliant environment.

Amazing bar design in Dubai

Bar design dubai alegra club leather armchair restaurant

What is Alegra?

Alegra is not just a night bar. Alegra is not just a stylish and exclusive place in the expensive travel destination Dubai. Alegra is anything that can make your dreams come true. In the early morning hours of the hot and attractive Dubai city, Alegra offers you a coffee to start the day great. At lunchtime, Alegra organizes a festival for specialties and delicacies that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. Dinner in Alegra is a refined experience and, if you don’t want to look exquisite and elegant, you’d better stay home in your pajamas. The party in Alegra will dress you up in the bright lights and great atmosphere created by the world’s best DJs.

Alegra is located in the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the tallest building in Dubai. The Lounge and Party Club Alegra is also the lucky star for every visitor who comes here to find the adrenaline, excitement and joy of luxury and expensive life.

Amazing LED lighting and wall design

Bar design dubai alegra gold blue lighting ambience

The main concept behind the Bar design of the luxurious Alegra Club is the puzzling game of fusions and interactions between irregular shapes and dynamic figures in the harmony of bright lighting and shiny decors. The fully lit accents in the bar are everywhere and the visitor could get lost in the extremely strong light and brilliant glittering decorations on the walls and floor. The furniture is made from the finest materials and fabrics and their colors are provocative and attractive.

Accents in Alegra Club

Bar design dubai alegra interior chandelier

The accents in the super cool and elegant interior design are too many to be counted. The decors are varied and cumbersome – Gothic candlesticks, classic crystal chandeliers, minimalist bathroom accessories and artistic wall paintings. They unite in a dynamic synchron.

The abundance of colors and palettes in this exclusive Bar design creates the illusion that you are under a rainbow of splendor, wealth and luxury. The golden motifs are scattered everywhere, while the yellow rays of the LED installations emphasize the authentic bar stools, leather sofas and ebony dining tables. The Bruch imitations on the walls and ceilings are the main accents and symbols that Mr. Important’s team have used as a signature of glamor and strange splendor.


Wooden bar stool

Bar design dubai alegra wooden bar stool mirror surfaces

luxurious crystal chandelier   Night club design dubai alegra Mister Important Studio project

Broken glass illusion  Night bar design dubai alegra led installations broken glass illusion

Wall tiles with rhinestones in the toilet

Bar interior dubai alegra toilet rhinestones wall tiles

Photos by © Jeff Dow