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Eclectic furnishing style does not mean chaos, but a mix of styles

eclectic furnishings mix of styles living room white wall color orange armchair

Furnishing in a particular style often becomes boring over time, especially if it does not fully match the character of the residents. To some, it might seem too pompous, uncomfortable, or out of date. So that everyone remains satisfied, the modern furnishings tend to be more and more mixed in style. Eclectic furnishing style does not mean chaos or kitsch, but a balanced mix of furniture and elements in different styles. Classic and rustic furniture can be combined with objects from the Japanese or Arabic style. The designers firmly believe that this is possible without the furnishings appearing too kitschy. The ideal combination of design elements gives the room a personality. Eclectic furnishing style does not mean chaos, but shows the aesthetic means with which it is possible to regulate the diversity and the optically different elements to exist in complete harmony.

Eclectic interior style – tips and tricks

eclectic mix of styles bedroom living room baroque modern elements

Eclecticism allows expensive wooden furniture to be combined with patterned wallpaper, ceramics, laminate, stone, plastic without interfering with one another. Here are some tips that can help you mix different style elements harmoniously.

Eclectic Interior Style – 1. Start with the background

eclectic mix of styles living room retro modern metal glass

It’s better to paint the walls white, even if you like bold wall colors. Since you would add a variety of decorative elements, different in color and style, it is important to keep the background neutral. If you don’t like completely white walls, then choose colorful sample wallpapers as accents, for example next to the fireplace.

2. For the establishment is the largest piece of furniture of great importance in the room – the sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, the table in the kitchen. He often sets the tone for the other elements.

Eclectic style of furnishing – classic and Japanese elements

eclectic furnishing style mix of styles wallpaper japanese violet with corner sofa

3. Create one balance between the leading and the other elements. Material, shape and colors should be the same or similar.

4. Connecting elements

eclectic furnishing style mix of styles colorful plants statues living room

Carpet and sofa cushions with a zigzag pattern, but in different colors. A steel shell goes well with a massive wooden chest, because both express longevity. Statues from different cultures should at least be made of the same material.

5. Add beautiful home accessories

eclectic furnishings living room gas fireplace blue green metal elements

Paintings, pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains. Lots of details will force you to look around the room for a long time rather than staring at an object. Pay attention to the details – the edge of the upholstery as well as repeat the edge of the couch or the motif of the curtains “looking around” in the fabric or texture of the silk wallpaper. Like discrete multiplication as a common thread, various elements are sewn and placed an order in the eclectic chaos.

white furniture and industrial chic

eclectic arrangement living room metal glass elements white mix of styles

Zebra pattern and pink coffee table

eclectic living room white pink black zebra pattern plush armchair

white wallpaper with a subtle pattern

eclectic decor living room zigzag pattern blue orange furniture

yellow wallpaper with delicate roses

bedroom eclectic pattern colors mix yellow gray black

Separate areas optically

hotel suite furnishings mix of styles modern exotic

light blue wall paint and red splashes of color

eclectic mix of styles dining room blue green red murano glass chandelier

eclectic mix in the living room

eclectic mix of styles furnishing living room materials elements colorful

bright orange sofa

eclectic interior style living room orange sofa ottomans

eclectic interior style mix of styles pink wood Marrickville House

eclectic furnishing style armchair pattern colorful console table

eclectic living room red black kami pattern wallpaper wood coffee table

eclectic interior style modern splashes of color rennaissanse paintings

furnishing the living room kitchen-island

Eclectic furnishings terrace armchairs baroque symbols orange color

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