Interior design

Easy-care houseplants as an accent in a white interior

Easy-care houseplants living room-concrete box-wooden floor

This freshly decorated apartment is located in Milan, Italy and was completed by AIM in 2015. The design team should transform an office into a cozy living space. The owners wanted an elegant and flexible interior where their numerous plants could feel comfortable. Easy care houseplants such as areca palms, green lilies and Spathiphyllum plants therefore play the main role in this modern, white interior. The dark wooden floor is the perfect complement and underlines the fresh feeling that prevails in the apartment.

 Easy-care houseplants play the main role


The entire floor plan was adapted to the new needs of the room. The apartment was divided into several small areas – living room, kitchen, dining area – which constantly communicate with each other. An iconic element, also called a concrete box, was designed to enclose the living room on three sides. This forms the core of the apartment and the focal point for movement to all other rooms. Taking into account the orientation of the building, this element was planned in such a way that the best of the natural lighting can be used. It also creates the perfect environment for the plants.

Low-maintenance houseplants such as the Areca palm

Easy-care houseplants living room-dining area-areca-palm

With this concrete box, the designers have given up the classic concept of the hallway as the dividing line between the living and sleeping areas. Even from the entrance hall, one already gets the impression of an entire room based on the interplay of volumes, full and empty rooms. The outer walls of the box are actually plastered with coarse concrete, which further underlines its leading role in the space. The interior is kept in white resin.

round pedestal table in marble look

Easy-care indoor plants dining area-round table-marble look

cold white LED light for the kitchen

Easy-care houseplants kitchen-areca-palm-white-kitchen line

 Extendable extractor hood with integrated lighting


Dish dryer integrated discreetly in the worktop


white worktop and handleless kitchen cabinets


revolving door to the bathroom

easy-care-houseplants-hallway-design-wooden floor-built-in cupboard-white-built-in ceiling lights

Calathea, house palm Chrysalidocarpus lutescens and Chlorophytum

easy-care-indoor-plants-calathea-indoor palm-chrysalidocarpus-lutescens-hall-revolving-door-bathroom

pure white walls and room doors


Wooden floor in the bathroom too

easy-care-houseplants-bathroom-glass shower-wooden floor

matt gray wall tiles


Mirror cabinet and wall-mounted bathroom faucet

easy-care indoor plants bathroom-areca-indoor palm-gray-wall tiles

modern-apartment-milan-floor-plan-200-square meters

Photography by Nicolò Parsenziani

Living area: 200 square meters

Furniture: Spotti

Stylist: Federica Biasi

Project by AIM