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Duplex apartment with lots of wood by Studio Fanetti

Wall paneling interior design-with wood-Interno Fraciscio Studio fanetti

Rustic meets elegant in the modern Duplex apartment Interno Fraciscio in Compodolcino, Italy by Gianluca Fanetti. The project from 2010 was almost entirely made of wood. The living room has an open character and reflects a harmonious unity and a clear atmosphere.

Furnishing with a lot of wood radiates warmth

Wooden house saddle roof sleeping alcove Studio Fanetti wood interior design

The premises of the Duplex apartment look almost like carved in wood. The main aim of the project was to create a harmonious and warm living environment. Walls clad in larch wood contrast with the cool elegance of the stone floor slabs and visible iron beams. A highlight in the living area is the narrow and effectively illuminated cantilever staircase with wooden steps and without railings. The open living room is separated into functional areas. There is a spacious seating area, equipped kitchenette, separate bathroom and 2 sleeping areas. A small straight internal staircase leads to the sleeping alcove on the upper floor.

Modern duplex apartment Interno Fraciscio by Studio Fanetti

house with gable roof stair construction cantilever beam cantilever stairs

The furniture made of wood and acrylic glass brings an elegant touch to the kitchen area, because apart from the stretched seating area in the center, the kitchen unit is very minimally furnished. The solid wood table goes wonderfully with the parquet floor. The kitchen area appears clear and yet homely.

Duplex apartment looks almost like carved in wood

Loft style apartment wood cantilevered stairs construction duplex apartment

The spacious living room is characterized by high ceilings and wide glazing. The idyll is rounded off by an indoor fireplace. Decorations are simple or missing at all. Comfortable bedspreads and home textiles invite you to relax and sit and lie down.

Spacious larch wood apartment

modern duplex apartment-wood interior stairs-wall cladding-with wood

Walls and panels are paneled, whereby wood acts as a calm background and needs light and brightness to bring out its natural beauty. The living room is flooded with natural light. Carpets and blankets spread comfort and cozy warmth. Beautiful accessories are tree trunks, side tables, lampshades, etc..

Side table in the same color family

duplex apartment cantilevered staircase-wood wall cladding-side table rustic

open plan apartment loft style lots of wood furnished sleeping alcove

modern apartment kitchen acrylic chairs wide glazing

Bedroom design ideas for throw wood paneling

modern design indoor fireplace Interno Fracisci-Studio Fanetti

wooden steps illuminated stairs-open design

wooden kitchen-wine racks kitchen block with built-in sink

sink-with column-black bathroom design paneling

Images by Lorenzo Carone