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Dressing up stairs – tips on materials and techniques for an attractive look

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The most common components of a house are undoubtedly the stairs. Old and broken stairs look unattractive and hide high security risks. For this reason, renovation measures are sometimes unavoidable. If the construction of the building element is still intact, it is usually cheaper to clad the old staircase instead of installing a new one. In this article you will learn how and with which materials you can make an old Dress up the stairs can.

Covering the stairs – choice of materials to match the interior style

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If you want to disguise the stairs in your house, you have many options to choose from. If you want to give your apartment or house a warm and natural atmosphere, wood would be the right choice for you. You can cover the stairs with wood, laminate or parquet to match the furnishings and your taste.

Clad old stairs with laminate

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If you are technically gifted and do not want to have your stairs covered, but want to try it out yourself, you can of course achieve professional results. Stairs made of wood, natural stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, as well as screed and metal can in principle be clad with laminate without any problems. Laminate can also be laid on tiles, as long as the structure does not become too high.

Instructions for cladding stairs – choose laminate

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The first step is to select the hard-wearing and easy-care laminate flooring. Basically, any laminate floor is suitable for cladding stairs. The laminate panels must be cut to size and stored for 48 hours at room temperature of at least 15 degrees Celsius before installation so that they do not warp over a certain period of time.

Preparation for laying laminate on stairs

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Before the laying work, all old coverings such as linoleum, old layers of paint, adhesive residue or carpet must be removed from the stairs. Pay attention to the condition of your old staircase, if the staircase has a stringer you will have to re-clad it in addition to treads and risers.

Double up the stringer and cover it up


First the stringer is doubled. A tailor-made bar is glued to the cheek with glue and fastened with nails. You can use sturdy pieces of paper to make templates for the new cladding, which you can use to transfer the outlines onto the cladding material. Use the electric jigsaw to cut the cladding out of the laminate board. It is then attached with glue.

Attach the underlay trim

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Before you start to cover steps, you must also measure and cover the understead precisely so that the stairs do not creak later and possible cracks can be avoided. You should also plan one millimeter wide joints. Glue the trim for the underlap and nail the front.

Measure and cover steps


With the help of a stair template or a circle of stairs, you can also take measurements for the steps and transfer them to the cladding material. Apply the assembly adhesive parallel to the running direction and glue in the step, aligning it and pressing it down firmly. If you want, you can first clad every second step so that the stairs can also be used. You can then do the rest in the second pass.

Cover the risers with laminate


Now you can glue in the risers using the same procedure. You can glue suitable angled strips between the front edge of the staircase and the riser. Step by step you can work your way from top to bottom and cover the stairs with the laminate. Finally, seal all joints with edge sealing.

Disguise the open staircase


Open stairs, also known as hunter’s stairs, have a very special character and give the apartment a relaxed and airy flair. Usually they consist of an iron railing and solid steps made of wood. If the open stairs in your house cannot be repaired as desired by painting and sanding, you can also re-clad or close yourself.

Re-clad or close open stairs

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In addition, temporary replacement steps can be installed for a short period of time so that you can move from floor to floor. In the case of the open steps, the space between the individual steps must not be higher than 12 cm for safety reasons. You have to keep in mind that installing risers and thus closing the stairs is usually less time-consuming than cladding with laminate.

Give the apartment a new and fresh look with modern stair cladding

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In order to cover your stairs, they don’t necessarily have to be in need of renovation. If you have repainted the walls in your apartment, you can also design the stairs to match the color of the wall. If you just want to freshen up the stairwell and give it a new shine, the staircase cladding would be a great way to do this.

Stair railings with an individual character


If you want a modern and refreshed staircase, you must not neglect the railings and design them to match the steps. Banisters can also set beautiful accents and merge with stairs and furnishings in a uniform color or material design.

Cover old stairs with wood and create a pleasant atmosphere


Banisters can also create contrasts that make for successful combinations. The wooden staircase with its warm and homely character contrasts with the modern glass railing and contributes to a bright atmosphere.

Clad the stairs with natural stone

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If you want to create a stylish living environment and have an elegant staircase, you can clad your old staircase with natural stone. Natural stones are a great alternative to wooden stairs and are characterized by their high quality and durability.

Create a luxurious eye-catcher in the stairwell

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The laying of granite or marble on an existing concrete staircase can either be carried out by specialist staff or by yourself. Natural stones are now available in all imaginable colors.

Staircase clad with granite

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Granite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is also very easy to care for. If you choose a natural stone stair covering, you will not only benefit from the good quality, but also from the unique, luxurious look.

Clad the stairs with carpet


If you want to redecorate an old, unsightly staircase and make it attractive, you can also lay a carpet on the stairs. A carpet has a soundproofing effect and is very slip-proof. With a carpet you definitely bring warmth and cosiness and enhance the look of the stairs.

Dress up spiral stairs and set accents

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Regardless of whether you choose a carpet or a carpet runner, stair carpets can have a huge impact on room or staircase design and set great visual accents. A staircase in the apartment, for example, can be designed in a bright color as a contrasting element or selected to match the furniture.

 Diverse stair carpets as eye-catchers to match every living style

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Beautiful pattern carpets with unique elements can be a loving decoration in your house. There is also the right color for every living style. If you want to create an elegant and classy look, the dark stair carpets are a good choice. For a glamorous flair, carpets in gold or silver are suitable.

How is carpet laid on stairs

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Carpet laying old stairs is different from traditional carpet laying in rooms. But if you get the hang of it, it’s also easy. The widespread laying technique is the attachment of cut pieces of carpet on steps and risers.

Prepare the stair surface correctly

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Stair runners that are attached to the risers with glue or cross bars are another option. Before you cover the stairs with carpet, you must clean the stairs properly and remove any glue residue from the old carpet. As with laying laminate on stairs, preferably start from top to bottom.

Cut the carpet to measure and attach it correctly


If it is easier for you, you can prepare stencils to use to cut the pieces of carpet. It is best to cut the carpet parts to excess and then cut off the protruding parts after gluing. If you cover a wooden staircase, it is advisable to fix harder carpets with small nails.

Cover the open staircase with carpet

stair-cladding-wooden railing-hall-entrance-area-open-spiral-carpet-parquet-floor

Even open stairs can be transformed into beautiful masterpieces with the right stair cladding. Choose a soft carpet that matches the wall color in the entrance area and create a homely atmosphere. Whether you just lay the steps with a fluffy carpet or cover the underside of the stairs at the same time is up to you and will undoubtedly look beautiful in both ways.

Cover the bottom of the stairs and create your own creations


The underside of an old staircase often has to be re-clad due to visual defects and for good insulation. In the traditional wooden stringer stairs, the soffit was clad with a so-called Rabitz ceiling. The underside of the concrete stairs are now covered with fire-retardant plasterboard.

Cover the open staircase from below

stairs-clad-wood-stairs-open-carpet runner-wall cladding-chandelier-railing-metal

If you want to make your staircase uniform and decorative, you can also use the same stair runner to make the bottom view of the stairs more attractive. With such an elegant stair runner, the open and closed stairs harmonize.

Clad stairs in the outdoor area

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If the outside staircase no longer looks particularly inviting after a few years, new cladding can give the worn surface a new look. You can renovate the outside staircase with granite slabs or wall it up with bricks. You can also choose from plastic panels, a stone carpet, steel supports or sheet metal.

Clad the tile staircase with wood or laminate


Are the tiled stairs too old-fashioned for you or do you just want to upgrade them? You can also clad a tiled staircase with wood or laminate step plates and create a harmonious overall picture in your stairwell. The small, blue tiles on the risers harmonize perfectly with the fresh wall color.

Clad the stairs with vinyl


You can also create an individual staircase design in many colors, decors and designs with a vinyl floor. Since vinyl has a low installation height, it is ideal for stair renovation. It is quick and easy to lay and is commercially available as a roll or like laminate with a click system. Vinyl floor coverings also promise pleasant walking comfort and warmth.