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Designing a wooden ceiling – 40 ideas in a modern country house style

wooden ceiling design roof pitch idea beam window living room modern

Who said that the wooden ceiling belongs to the past and is no longer trendy? Here are 40 cool ideas for ceiling design in a modern country house style that prove exactly the opposite.

Designing a wooden ceiling – freshening up the old panels

wooden ceiling design plywood look leather couch white coffee table beams rustic

Who one Design a wooden ceiling does not necessarily need to have a large budget. If you are technically gifted, the wooden ceiling can be installed within a week with the help of a friend. First a corresponding substructure with wooden slats or stainless steel profiles is attached, and only then the ceiling is suspended. Some manufacturers offer large wooden panels that can be prefabricated at the customer’s request / including integrated lighting / – this makes work much easier.

Design wooden ceiling in gray color 

wooden ceiling design bedroom white gray bed fuchsia accents

If you already have an old wooden ceiling, it can be renovated in three simple steps / here you should expect an effort of at least 3-4 days /. First the wood is thoroughly cleaned and sanded / it is better to entrust the professionals with this task /, then primed and finally painted with a varnish – this brings out the natural color and the attractive grain of the material better. The refreshed ceiling then has to be oiled every year – this guarantees its longevity. In any case, if you smoke in the room, the experts recommend painting the ceiling. The white color makes the room look more open and visually larger, and even if it falls off over time, you don’t have to call a specialist right away. If the room is furnished in a shabby chic style, the ceiling with its partially fallen color gives the interior a whistle.

Wooden ceiling in the bathroom

wooden ceiling design bathroom idea white furnishing black accent

Wooden ceiling with skylight in a living room

wooden ceiling design skylight idea dark parquet living room minimalist

Design the living room with a wooden ceiling

Stretch ceiling lighting fixtures kitchen island built-in appliances

Small attic apartment – wooden ceiling with steel profile as an accent

Construction two chairs round table fireplace round window

Detached house with wooden ceiling with built-in lights

Ceiling design ideas wood panels terracotta tiles white walls

Ceiling made from recycled wood – inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative

Wood ceiling shape recessed glass windows

Wooden ceiling in a rustic style – perfect for the maritime living room

Central island kitchen wooden ceiling lamp stairs two story house

Round suspended ceiling – the wooden panels are prefabricated according to customer dimensions

beautiful view fireplace suspended ceiling wood panels

If the wood is left untreated

Architecture country style set up wood ceiling wall

Restored old house with wooden ceiling and wooden beams

renovated wooden ceiling sloping ceiling table window two floors

Country-style furnishings – a former barn is being converted into a residential building

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Modern single family home in Scandinavian style

Walls living room country style Kilim glass table leather furniture

Colonial style furnishings – the ceiling is painted white

Living room set up white paint painted shelving system

Living room furniture set up rattan chair sofa

Glass fronts door concrete floor table shelving system

Living room country style set up fireplace stone wall

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open plan wood ceiling panels room divider bookcase

Dining area window wooden ceiling beam design ideas

Wooden ceiling metal beam girder construction

System hotplate plastic kitchen modern country style

House ceiling wall panels wood furniture leather table

Slabs flooring glass fronts set up living room

Living room dining area modernly furnished

create ideas without painting

Living room wooden ceiling design modern ideas architecture family house

Armchair glass wall floor lamp end table reading corner living room

Living room piano ground floor set up dining area

Chairs table concrete floor picture wall

Country style stone wall inside wood flooring white walls

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