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Designer radiators for a minimalist ambience – 8 designs by Foursteel

Design radiator -bath-towel-holder-pipe-white-marble-turquoise-towels

Foursteel is a leading manufacturer of heating devices and develops excellent concepts in close cooperation with architects and designers worldwide. the Design radiators characterized by the minimalist living style are made of stainless steel and promise energy-efficient heating. The most innovative of these will be showcased at the upcoming ‘100% Design’ exhibition at the London Design Festival.

Design radiator in minimalist style from Foursteel, Portugal

Design radiator -pipe-modern-simple-bath-towel-holder-chrome-polished

The focus of Foursteel production is on design radiators at the highest level, which are visually and purely technically convincing. In terms of visual appearance, they are characterized by a minimalist design, which is a wonderful addition to the modern interior. Different options for the final finish allow it to be used in the bathroom, but also equally well in the living room. The presented models of radiators in London are presented below.

Design radiator for a modern bathroom model M-TUBE

Designer radiator -bath-free-standing-glass-wall-mmodel-m-tube

The radiators from the M-Tube series are characterized by their extremely minimalist, modern design. They are designed for wall mounting in the bathroom and can be used as a bath towel holder, whereby the wet towel dries out very quickly after bathing or showering. The model is available in several sizes and is therefore perfect for smaller rooms. The heating tubes are made exclusively of stainless steel and are round or square. White, textured black, as well as polished or brushed optics are available.

Designer radiator and towel rail in one


Design radiator and bath towel stand model MINIMAL


‘Minimal’, as the name suggests, has an extremely minimalist effect. With this model, however, you can’t talk about a whole radiator, it’s more about a bath towel stand. Mounted vertically in the bathroom, it radiates warmth that dries the towels quickly. ‘Minimal’ looks very discreet, more than a bathroom accessory or accessory. The design is a result of the collaboration between the Portuguese company and the architect and designer Manuel Aires Mateus to furnish a private apartment in Lisbon.

Designer radiator for wall mounting in a chic living room – model DIAMOND XS

design-radiator-living room-geometric-modern-ambience-wall-mounting-diamond

Perhaps the most notable design among all of Foursteel is the ‘Diamond XS’ wall-mounted radiator. It finds use and an honored place in the living room, where it appears more or less as a decorative wall decoration or real work of art. ‘Diamond XS’ consists of three-dimensional triangles and looks like a real sculpture with geometric shapes. With decorative lighting, the relief comes into its own and attracts attention.

Designer radiators with geometric shapes and relief


The ultra-modern designer radiator is made of, as before, is available in a glossy or matt finish and a selection of metallic colors is available. It works on the principle of air conditioning and several radiators can be connected to form a system.

design-radiator-white-wall-mounting-flow-diamond shape

Design radiator for wall mounting in the bathroom model STEEL GLAM

design-radiator-stainless steel-angular-bathroom-marble-steel-glam

‘Steel Glam’ is designed for wall mounting in bathrooms and serves as a bath towel holder that lets the wet towels dry quickly. The stainless steel profiles are angular and also bound in a straight radiator. It can be connected to the air conditioning system and was designed for the ‘Estoril Sol’ private apartment. The Portuguese manufacturer has received several awards for this extremely simple design.

Designer radiators for the interior – model ARENA


‘Arena’ is another designer radiator from Foursteel intended for wall mounting. In contrast to the others, it is oval in shape and looks extremely decorative. Two different optics have been selected for the vertical and horizontal surface, so the radiator looks more like a wall decoration or wall shelf. By using different materials, ‘Arena’ can be better adapted to the room design and individual living style.

Chic design radiator for wall mounting


Designer radiators suitable for bathrooms and living rooms, model PLANO MOVE

design-radiator-living room-wall-mounting-plano-move-black

Perhaps there would be no other designer radiator that looks more discreet than ‘Plano Move’. Offered with a matt black or white finish, it is the perfect complement to a modern interior. The conventional radiators have long been forgotten because they take up a lot of space and also appear very obtrusive. Discreet, not visually dominating and suitable for any living environment, ‘Plano Move’ is the best choice for living areas as well as in the bathroom. It is designed for wall mounting and can be installed vertically or lengthways.

Simple design radiator in black or white


Switch for the designer radiators from Foursteel ‘Mimoo Switch’

design-radiator-switch-stainless steel-metal-optic-switch

‘Mimo Switch’ makes every Foursteel heating system completely functional and purely visual. It acts as a switch, which allows the brand’s radiators to be adjusted. The surface is made entirely of stainless steel and is available in several color variants to match the radiator finishes. The switch is certified according to IP64 and is therefore water and dust resistant. See the full range of Feursteel products on the Homepage of the company and you will find more information there.