Interior design

Designer loft apartment in retro style – An apartment in the city with minimalist shapes

open kitchen with kitchen back wall and worktop as well as kitchen island made of marble with dining table and chairs made of wood

This time we present you an urban designer loft apartment as a crash pad, which is suitable for busy, internationally traveling bachelors. It might be tempting for a designer to go overboard on such an occasion. When Antwerp-based Arjaan De Feyter was commissioned to create a quiet retreat from the busy city life, he knew that a low-key approach was the only way to go. The designer planned the loft apartment in such a way that it makes optimal use of the space.

Stylishly furnished designer loft apartment

large living room with fireplace and minimalist shapes and a gray color palette

The 106 m² designer loft apartment has a living room with fireplace, a bedroom and a bathroom. There is also a guest bedroom as well as an open kitchen, a storage room and an additional bathroom. Charcoal-tinted oak, black steel, and the chevron-patterned floor convey a sense of elegance and minimalist opulence.

brown kitchen back wall in combination with kitchen cabinets in gray for a tasteful design

The best thing about the minimal palette of materials and colors, however, is the brown, veined marble, which looks just gorgeous. This design is both unexpected and totally apt for the space. It is also particularly effective that the same rich, brown color does not appear anywhere else in the designer loft apartment.

designer armchair in retro style nostalgic interior with marble table and modern elements

The interior designer avoided the so-called “kiss-and-drape syndrome”, in which the irresistible temptation seems to be to combine something with something. The curtain and armchair are also the last refuge. The elegant restraint gives this attic apartment the feeling of relaxation and tranquility, as requested by the customer.

Minimalist shapes and comfort

designer loft apartment with gray and earthy colors and slabs of marble parquet flooring retro style piano

The interiors have been reduced to replace them with custom finishes and to fill the spaces with custom-made furniture. The designer loft apartment is 106 m² in size and has an open configuration for the kitchen, living and dining room, while the bedroom, bathroom and dressing room are separate.

dark hallway with parquet floor floor-to-ceiling wardrobe view of the living room with couch

The architects have redesigned the floor plan of the apartment in order to optimize the rooms and enable a flowing, discreet communication between the bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. The team used the space that had become free to create a large, open living room bathed in natural light.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinet made of wood and sofa in gray colors with a black fireplace and dark tones

The large living area offers plenty of space for entertaining guests. This contains a kitchen with gray-stained oak cabinets, which are complemented by the brown worktops and kitchen rear walls made of marble. When the building’s original structure was exposed, the architects were able to highlight their interventions. The original structure was deliberately left visible. The raw quality of the existing frame contrasts with the careful treatment of details and materials inside, ”the team said.

City apartment with minimalist design painting and designer furniture in the living room

The minimalist furniture designed for the apartment includes the kitchen table and chairs made of wood and steel, and a cozy, puffy upholstered sofa in the living room, separated by a coffee table and kitchen island. A floor-to-ceiling closet runs the length of the living room wall and contains the fireplace and other home furnishings. It also stands across from a low marble bench on the other side of the room. Together these elements form the main living space.