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Design wall niches and create more storage space – 20 living ideas

Wall niches create a modern-living room-television-niche-bookshelf

Many apartments have wall niches that appear impractical at first glance and are more of an obstacle to furnishing. Instead of walling them up, however, you can take advantage of the available space and make the best possible use of it. In the article we present a few ideas on how to use the Design wall niches, decorate and transform it into a beautiful eye-catcher in the interior.

Design wall niches and find suitable built-in wardrobes

Wall niches design stone walls-niche-built-in cupboards-storage space-wall decoration

Depending on where and how the wall niches are placed, they can be converted into a practical and at the same time beautiful addition to the interior. Small niches are more likely to be used as exhibition space for beautiful decorative objects, wall decorations or flower vases, the larger ones being perfect for built-in wardrobes. This creates additional storage space in the room without taking up the free floor space.

Design wall niches and build in storage space

Wall niches create additional storage space-living room-shelves-books-art-decoration

In apartments with small living rooms that do not have space for bookshelves, the available wall niches can be converted into storage space. If the niche isn’t deep enough for a built-in closet, you can have simple shelves built in instead and use them as storage space.

Set up a small living room to save space

Wall niches design shelves-wood-install-yourself-create-additional-storage-space

Wall niches are perfect for the space-saving furnishing of small rooms because they take up significantly less space than a wall unit, for example. You can also install the shelves in the niche yourself and then design and decorate them according to your personal taste.

Order made-to-measure cabinets for the wall niches

Design wall niches measuring-fitting-fitting-built-in-furniture-ordering-television-bookshelf

The wall niche that emerges under a staircase appears at first glance to be a useless area that should be bricked up in any case. Instead of wasting this space, however, you can measure the area precisely and have a matching wall unit made.

Design wall niches – maximize the available space in the living room

niche-design-living-room-white-picture-frame-decoration-books-storage space

Apartments in a large city usually have a small area and should be furnished as space-saving as possible. Therefore one should try to use every available space. If the wall niches are designed with storage space, you get a great alternative to the classic shelf, which also goes well with apartments in modern furnishing style.

Make living room practical with wall niches

wall niches-design-living-room-niche-sofa-wall cladding-brick-look

A wonderful idea for wall niches with sufficient width and depth is to provide them with cushions and cushions and to design them as a sofa. With a different wall color or wallpaper, the wall niche can also be beautifully decorated and clearly differentiated from the rest of the living room.

Install the fireplace in a wall niche

wall niches-design-living room-fireplace-built-in cupboards-wood-cladding-sofa

Wall niches in the living room are often provided with a modern fireplace with a storage room for the firewood. The fireplace is integrated into the wall, so to speak, and acts as a part of it. Sometimes niches are even built afterwards and used to install a fireplace.

Design room dividers with niches


Room dividers with niches create a connection between two rooms in the interior and create a cozy ambience at home. A fireplace that is glazed on two or three sides looks great in the niche of the room divider and becomes an eye-catcher in the room. So that the wall above the fireplace does not look too massive, additional wall niches can be designed and used, for example, as shelves for the firewood.

Design wall niches and light them appropriately


If you design wall niches and want to use them as exhibition space for decorative objects such as vases or antiques, you should definitely think about suitable lighting. Depending on the size of the area to be illuminated, you can use LED recessed spots and spotlights or light chains and light strips.

Convert the wall niche in the kitchen into a kitchenette


Kitchens are often designed in deep wall niches if they offer enough space for kitchen cabinets and appliances. Base units with a hob fit perfectly in the niche and an extractor hood with lighting can be built into the ceiling of the niche.

Designing large wall niches – an idea for a built-in bed


Beds with storage space can also be built into wall niches, which is a good idea for designing a children’s or teenagers’ room. If it is a large niche, you can have a wardrobe made and thus furnish the room to save even more space.

Design narrow wall niches

wall niches-design-bedroom-niche-bookshelf-real wood floor-boards

If you need more storage space in your apartment, but want to leave the floor space free, you can build wall niches yourself and design them as required. Narrow wall niches are perfect for a stylish bookshelf that is integrated directly into the wall.

Wall panel with niche for a modern bedroom

wall niches-design-lighting-bedroom-decoration-flower vases-storage space

Wall niches can serve as an additional light source in the room. Direct or indirect lighting in the niche fits perfectly in the bedroom and creates a cozy atmosphere. However, if you don’t want to leave the niche empty, you can decorate it with small flower vases, house plants or picture frames.

Design bedrooms with wall niches

wall niches-design-bedroom-ideas-bed-niche-lighting-bedside tables

If there is a large wall alcove in your bedroom, you can place the bed in the alcove instead of walling it up. The wall niche can be clad with wood, for example, and furnished with additional lighting and storage space. So popular more free space in the room that you can design as you like.

Set up the small room to save space and design it with wall niches

niche-design-children's room-space-saving-furnishing-niche-chest of drawers-shelves

As a rule, youth and children’s rooms are not very large and should be furnished as space-saving as possible. Wall niches are perfect for this because they can be designed with a chest of drawers and a shelf at the same time.

Designing storage space in the bathroom

Wall niches-design-bathroom-walk-in-shower-storage space-bathroom accessories

Wall niches can also be helpful in the bathroom if they are built into a suitable location. In a bathroom with a walk-in shower, storage space for bathroom accessories such as shampoo and shower gel is a must, but adding an additional shelf can destroy the high-quality look.

Make the bathroom practical with wall niches

Wall niches-design-bathroom-walk-in-shower-shelf-storage space-towels

A more practical and beautiful idea at the same time would be to build a wall niche and use it as a shelf replacement. The wall niche can be clad with wall tiles of different colors to contrast with the wall.

Wall niche instead of shelves in the bathroom

Wall niches-design-bathroom-storage space-shelves-storage-space-bathroom-base cabinet

If there is a wall niche in the bathroom, it can also replace the bathroom wall shelf. It can be fitted with shelves that offer enough space for the most essential bathroom utensils and a few scented candles.

Design wall niches with indoor plants


If you want to create a cozy ambience in your own apartment, you can decorate the wall niches with plants. Dried flowers and bouquets as well as indoor plants and succulents are suitable for this. This is a good idea for those small wall niches that are unsuitable for storage space.