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Decorative geometric patterns bring contrast to your interior

Set of three-Vanity-Fair-Wall mirror-precision-formed-rhombic

Nobody wants to have a monotonous interior at home, it looks very boring. Since symmetry and coherence are great, there is plenty of room in the world of interior design for exciting, unusual, and noteworthy patterns. Because geometric patterns are always in! Today we want to introduce you to some interesting contrasts in contemporary interiors that have simple, straight lines and their ingenuity that steals the show. These are the latest decorative additions from Arketipo Firenze. The two wonders that caught our attention form a chic bookcase and a stunning mirror that liven up the space and are well worth a topic of conversation!

Geometric patterns as a highlight bookshelf system


Decorating with geometric patterns became a popular trend in 2014 and design experts predict it will continue to develop in the years to come. Undoubtedly the unique diamond shape and simple curves of the Lady Bird bookcase is from Giuseppe Viganò so remarkable that this decorative element will be a real show stopper in your home. Made with a raw metal frame and shelves made of marble and oak and walnut wood, the bookshelf enhances the eye-catching effect in every area where it is located.

Geometric pattern on the wall


While the Lady Bird bookshelf brings both geometric and structural contrast into the room, the diamond-shaped Vanity Fair mirror by Gino Carollo adds a touch of Hollywood Regency to the ambience and makes it glitter. Simple, exquisite and exclusive, these two sculptural accessories complement each other perfectly and can be used individually or together. A bit of unmistakable Italian flair in the decoration is the icing on the cake, which makes it even more irresistible!

Decorative geometric pattern in the house


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Aesthetic living room decor


Living room-wall-design-bookshelf-free-standing-geometric-motifs-Lady-Bird-Giuseppe-Viganò

Detail sight metal frame bookcase system

Geometric design lamp Blackout shines in red


Trendy mirror shape

Design mirror diamond shape hollywood style decorative element