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Decoration ideas – works of art in your own four walls

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Private art lovers can beautify their own home with fine works of art?

Anyone who is enthusiastic about art and is looking for decoration ideas for their own home will undoubtedly stroll through a gallery every now and then, enjoy the works there or possibly go into raptures in the museum. At the end of the visit, an art print of the expensive painting may be purchased, as a memento and possibly also to decorate the wall in the picture frame a little later. Such a print produced thousands of times is of course not a real alternative to the original, but private individuals rarely have the means to hang real originals on their walls.

Contemporary art for the home – it’s affordable?

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Exquisite paintings undoubtedly create a very special flair.

It doesn’t have to be the Van Gogh or Picasso, because they are in fact almost unaffordable. But if you rely on contemporary artists and current works instead, you definitely have the chance to discover an up-and-coming talent at an early stage and thus get a real original at a very affordable price. On the other hand, there are also many successful artists who do not sell their works in the millions, but instead rely on a humane pricing policy. One of the cheap decoration ideas is also a deceptively real replica, which is usually limited to a certain number – artists like Gustav Klimt, August Macke or Franz Marc end up in their own rooms very authentically and immediately give the walls a certain something noble aura. However, art lovers should also be aware that even such a replica can well come into the 1000 € range.

A selected picture looks a lot in your own premises

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On the other hand, it looks a little more expensive, but also a little more special, with decoration ideas with sculptures. Here, too, replicas are usually made for coveted pieces, but these can easily reach several thousand euros, the reason for this, in addition to the exclusivity, is also the mostly very high-quality material, because many sculptures are made of bronze, for example. Anyone who invests here can therefore not only be certain of the astonished looks of their visitors in the future, but also possibly own an item of value that could become even more valuable in the future.

On the other hand, those who do not value the big names in the industry, but rather rely on small artists, can get away with it cheaply. Many undiscovered painters sell their works for a few hundred euros, for example, or even offer the opportunity to accept commissioned work – this should certainly be a dream for an art lover, especially if the still unknown artist makes a name for himself one day.

Opportunities to marvel at unique works of art in a private setting

In art libraries, works of art can be conveniently borrowed for everyone.

Borrow works of art

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It may sound banal at first, but many institutions now offer the opportunity to borrow works of art. So-called art libraries have increasingly made a name for themselves in the past and want to promote and promote young art in this way. Anyone who is open-minded here can definitely form an opinion on the current art market, furthermore promotes young talent and ensures an increasing level of awareness. Incidentally, the prices in this regard are by no means overpriced, because a loan – which is done in the classic way with a loan card – usually costs less than 10 euros and often takes up to 10 weeks.

• Visit other households

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With this furnishing idea, too, the focus is clearly on the murals and thus creates a successful eye-catcher.

Another method, which is also not quite common, can be to simply change homes and thus collect new impressions. The best way to do this is to use a platform that makes it easy to change apartments or flats. Portals like ARS offer such a service, for example, primarily of course so that people looking for accommodation can quickly find a new place to stay. However, since fully furnished apartments are usually rented here and usually only for a certain period of time, other furnishing styles or even special works of art or artists can be discovered temporarily. The change of location is also a good way to get to know the urban artist scene there.

  Get creative yourself

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Those who spice up their rooms with their own pictures not only have a beautiful eye-catcher, but also always an interesting story.

The fact that an artist does not necessarily have to understand something about realistic drawing, correct anatomy or color theory should have become clear at the latest since the boom in modern art. In fact, nowadays basically everyone can live out creatively and if the message, the choice of colors or even the bizarre or unprofessional convince a critic, a new star is born in the artist sky. In addition, today’s market offers a variety of beginner-friendly guides that vividly explain painting with acrylic, oil or watercolor – with a little patience, anyone can really bring an acceptable painting onto the canvas, which, if they like, may soon decorate their own walls as a unique specimen.


A successful room composition even without pictures.

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The fact is that a beautiful picture in the right place can skillfully enrich a room. A work of art from the gallery undoubtedly makes a lot of difference and is guaranteed to provide one or the other topic of conversation, but this type of furnishing idea will probably remain the exception to the rule. In addition, the paintings often seem out of place, especially in modern households. Fortunately, there are a number of ways for art lovers to still not miss out on painting or other art forms.