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Decorate with LED, plaster and styrofoam stucco strips – modern meets classic

Stucco moldings decorate-rosettes-plaster-decoration-modern-apartment

Stucco ornaments on ceilings or as wall decorations have a classic charm and can refine any ambience. Specialist shops now have special stucco moldings that are not made from real stucco, but still look deceptively similar to the classic, opulent decorative elements. So everyone can bring the desired old building flair into their apartment. So today we’re giving you some great ideas like yourself decorate with stucco moldings can. Regardless of whether your living style is puristic-urban, rural or classic, you can find something suitable for your taste in our picture gallery.

Decorate with stucco moldings – what types are there?

stucco molding-floor-to-ceiling-window-dining-table-solid wood-chandelier

As a rule, stucco is the name given to plastically formed mortar that is attached to plastered walls, vaults and ceilings. In the past, these ornaments were laboriously made by hand, but today they are much easier to manufacture and realistically imitate. The most popular materials for the stucco molding nowadays are plaster of paris, plastic and styrofoam (polystyrene). You can successfully imitate the stucco look of old apartments and hardly anyone will notice the difference.

Decorate with stucco moldings – border edges

Stucco moldings decorate -wall design-border-dusky pink-cream-bedroom

To attach the stucco strips, you only need an adhesive that is suitable for the material. If it is a Styrofoam stucco molding, cut it to the required length, apply the glue and press it against the wall. The assembly of the stucco profiles made of plaster is somewhat demanding, because they are more difficult in weight and may also have to be additionally supported until the plaster adhesive dries completely.

LED stucco strips for indirect lighting in the living room

Stucco moldings decorate -led-lighting-wall-living room-cold white

Indirect lighting is currently very much in vogue and is a popular design element in modern homes. LED strips can be integrated almost anywhere, for example on suspended ceilings, under kitchen cabinets and behind decorative wall panels. If these variants are impossible for your apartment situation, then special stucco strips offer an interesting solution, because they have prefabricated grooves for attaching LED strips. They can also be combined with LED spots to create beautiful lighting effects on walls and ceilings.

control indirect light


Led light profiles differ in their shape depending on where the light is to come from. On the illustration above you can see in how many different directions the indirect light can be controlled. With stucco moldings you can cover the entire perimeter of the room and even do without ceiling lights.

Attach LED stucco strips


The assembly of the LED stucco profiles is very quick and you do not need any special tools, just the assembly adhesive recommended by the respective manufacturer. The cables and LED strips are hidden inside the stucco strips and are not visible from the outside. It is important that the decorative profiles do not let the light through and destroy the effect.

Indirect light upwards or downwards?


The standard stucco moldings are mostly used for a 90-degree angle between the wall and the ceiling, but there are also stucco moldings for sloping walls and 135-degree mounting angles on the market. The position of the light strips is very important for the spatial effect. If the light is directed upwards, the ceiling appears to be optically higher.

cold white light can enhance a dark room

stucco molding-led-lighting-indirect-decoration-wall-decoration-murals

The light intensity and the color of the LED strips also play an important role. Warm white LED strips are mostly used in private apartments, while cold white light is more often used in the office, home office or in modern, minimalist apartments. The LED strips can be ordered by the meter and shortened if necessary.

Make stucco moldings yourself out of plaster

Stucco molding-plaster-do-it-yourself-white-brick-wall-decoration

You can also do stucco work yourself if you want particularly individual wall decorations. You need model plaster and a silicone mold for this. Mix the plaster of paris with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions: about 3 parts of plaster to one part of water. Then carefully pour the plaster into the silicone mold and wipe off the excess plaster with a smooth kitchen knife. It is best to let it dry out overnight.

Paint stucco moldings by hand

stucco molding-plaster-painting-golden-accents-wall-decoration

A few tricks when pouring: 1. Place the silicone mold on a cutting board for better support. 2. When all the molds have been filled, carefully tap the tabletop so that trapped air bubbles can escape. Once the plaster of paris has set, push the trim out of the mold.

Stucco moldings and fake brick wall in white

stucco molding-plaster-gold-painting-wall-decoration-facing-bricks

After the attachment, you can paint your stucco ornaments with a fine brush so that the fine flourishes come into their own. In the example above, the wall design with white bricks also adds to the classic theme.

Decorate with stucco moldings in the country house style

Stucco molding-wall-design-styrofoam-pastel-green-wall-country-house-style

Behind the country house style lies the longing for peace and security in the country. When designing the wall, one leans on the preservation of the old and the kitschy romance. Pastel tones and moldings make the room cozy and bring back the shine of days gone by.

Decorative profiles with a noble effect

Stucco molding-styrofoam-wall-door-white-border-wall pictures

The opulent classic furnishing style is shaped by historical epochs such as Romanticism and Baroque. Noble and timelessly elegant decorative profiles skilfully pick up on the style and go well with both antique and modern furniture.

Mix of styles in the living room – traditional and modern 

Stucco molding-styrofoam-polyurethane-decorative plaster-border-children's room

With the flexible stucco strips made of Styrofoam, walls and ceilings can be easily decorated and furnishing styles can be creatively combined. Everything is allowed when it comes to the mix of styles – modern furniture is mixed with Versailles parquet flooring, while vintage tableware with floral motifs and fine stucco work add great accents.

Decorate with stucco moldings in the bedroom

stucco molding-black-wall-design-bedroom-decorating-classic

Stucco moldings are usually available in white, but they can be easily painted over. It is best to use a thin brush to get all the gaps and edges. Choose a contrasting color to highlight ceiling lights or wall decorations through the border with the decorative profiles.

Paint over the stucco moldings 

Stucco molding-painting-taupe-wall-paint-bedroom

If you don’t want to create color contrasts, tone-on-tone design is also a nice idea. The walls benefit from the interesting relief of the stucco work.

white stucco strips as a highlight on the gray wall

Stucco molding-wall-decorative-styrofoam-bedroom-white-wall-paint

Frames as decorative profiles in combination with stucco ornaments go very well in style with the bedroom and exude a classic flair in the room. Against the gray wall, the white bed and white stucco work stand out even better.

Wall cassettes are celebrating their comeback

Stucco molding-wall-design-modern-bedroom-light-gray-wall-color

In the 90th century, half-height wall cassettes were a common wall design idea. If you want to achieve the same effect, you can put styrofoam stucco profiles on the wall.

Plaster of paris rosettes as wall decoration


In addition to stucco moldings, rosettes are also a beautiful wall decoration. These can be painted over with all acrylic or water-based wall paints and grouped to create an effective arrangement on the wall. The styrofoam decorative rosettes are extremely light and easy to work with.

Styrofoam rosettes for modern or classic living room decoration

stucco-deco-rosettes-blue-tones-painted-living room-wall-decoration

With little effort you can give your apartment a new look with stucco moldings and decorative rosettes! Use the advantages of modern materials and make your walls and ceilings particularly decorative!