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Curtain and room divider systems made from high-quality woods from Nolastar

Room dividing systems nolastar-wood wall hangings-wood rosewood ebony

Nolastar Wood is the series Room divider systems from Nolaster, which impress with exclusivity in a trendy natural look. The design elements are versatile – they can be used in a house as curtains, wall cladding, room dividers, privacy screens or subtle structuring of small rooms.

Multipurpose room divider systems of German quality

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The collection was made from 100% natural materials to ensure a long service life and ease of use. In addition, the room partition systems are presented in an aesthetic design. Even if partially transparent, they take care of it Room divider systems inconspicuous for sufficient privacy. If these are installed in an office, they help to design the room in smaller areas and also offer effective protection from unwanted looks.

The curtain can be pushed aside

Wall decoration, room partitioning system, sun protection, privacy screen Nolastar rosewood

1mm thick birch plywood panels are used as the base material. The room divider systems are offered in a stylish natural look – in the colors rosewood, ebony, walnut wood, gold maple wood. The choice of colors enables individual design freedom.

Natural room climate for modern apartments

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The elements of the Nolastar Wood series can be adapted to the room situation – they can simply be folded up or pushed to the side if necessary. Swivel eyes on the upper side can be hooked into any standard curtain rail. The noble natural look of a type of wood is a cool accent for the design of all private areas, as well as suitable for use in business premises, hotels, among others, designer duo Ana Motjér and Oliver Schneider from Royal Family design labor created this really functional and practical complementary furniture that fits into everyone Integrate living style – from traditional to modern to minimalist.

Room partition systems ensure cozy privacy

Room divider rosewood Nolastar-Wood partition element Trendy supplementary furniture

 Complementary furniture from the Nolastar wood collection

Complementary furniture nola-star wood room partition element gold maple