Interior design

Creative wall design in every room – luxury home in India

Creative wall design -modern-design-glass wall-laser-cut-steel-panel

Private single-family home in Nanded, Maharastra, India designed by Skyward Inc., impresses with its modern architecture and contemporary interior. The interior design does not lack accents that suggest traditional Indian taste and lifestyle. These have been interpreted in a very sophisticated way and are mainly recognizable in the use of exotic wood looks and chic upholstery fabrics. The creative wall design and is implemented differently in each area.

Creative wall design in the hallway – floral motifs on steel panel by laser cut

Creative wall design -modern-design-glass wall-steel-panel-floral-motif-laser-cut

All the materials used in the interior design can be seen in the hallway – exotic types of wood, reflective surfaces, pleasant, indirect lighting, ivory white and fresh green plants. These accents connect the different rooms and create a calm, visually uniform overall picture. The varied wall design in the areas serves as decoration.

Creative wall design – glass wall and exotic materials

Creative wall design-corridor-glass-wall-steel-panel-laser-cur-floral-modern-design

In the center of the hallway is a steel panel with floral motifs – fern leaves, laser-cut. It divides the living area from the entrance area and at the same time creates a seamless transition to the next room. The modern kitchen is separated by a wall made of smoked glass and through the appropriate lighting – indirectly in the dining room and in the cooking area by means of directed built-in spotlights.

Glass partition separates the kitchen from the dining room

Creative wall design - kitchen-modern-design-glass wall-reflective-surface

In the bedrooms, the upholstered wall behind the bed headboard creates a relaxed atmosphere and softens the otherwise rectangular and linear proportions of the room.

Indirect lighting and reflective surfaces in the modern kitchen

Creative wall design -kitchen-white-indirect-lighting-wood-modern-design

In each area, modern and aesthetically pleasing accents can be found in the wall design. Have a look at this!

Creative wall design in the hallway – airy wall made of exotic wood


Wall design with wooden elements – attractive look from exotic wood species


Wall design in the bedroom – upholstered wall in beige nuances


Modern wall design in the bedroom – upholstered panels and indirect lighting

creative-wall-design-bedroom-upholstered wall-bed-headboard-panels-modern-design

Wall design in the bedroom – upholstered wall and bed headboard in one


Attractive wall design in the bedroom – headboard on the bed as upholstered wall 


Modern Wall design in the living room – behind illuminated panels


Indirect lighting in the living room – panels with a grain of natural stone


Creative wall design in the living room – wall cladding with panels in an exotic wood look


Creative wall design in every area – vertical garden


Louvre wall in white with staggered elements


Modern single family home in India – glass roof for more natural light


A cantilever umbrella on the terrace saves space

single-family house-modern-terrace-decking-alpine umbrella-garden furniture-brown

Modern design of the terrace – decking and reasonable privacy screens

single-family house-modern-architecture-garden-alpine umbrella-garden furniture-plastic rattan

Balcony as an accent in the modern house – clad with wood


Modern single family home in India – example of contemporary architecture


Plans and floor plans of the single family home





single-family-house-modern-architecture-plan-floor plan-attic-roof terrace

* a project by Skyward Inc., India