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Creative ideas for small rooms: design sensible and beautiful

Creative ideas for small rooms optically-enlarge-mirror-wood-panels-strip-pattern

When the temperatures rise in summer, you don’t want to feel cramped in your own four walls. But often small, narrow rooms are overloaded with furniture and decorative elements or they are painted unfavorably. With a few furnishing tips, however, you can easily bring a new feeling of airiness and space into even the smallest, lowest and narrowest rooms. We have put together a few creative ideas for small rooms for you.

Creative ideas for small rooms – balance room proportions

Creative ideas for small spaces -bedroom-living room-wardrobe-mirrored doors

Broad furniture such as the sofa or desk should only be placed at the front of the room so as not to make the room appear even narrower. The more filigree and slender the pieces of furniture, the less space they optically take up. Instead of a collection of individual shelves, it is also worth having a cabinet or shelf made to measure for the room in order to be able to use as much space as possible. And multifunctional furniture is also ideal for small rooms, because they save space and expand the options for using the room. A walk-through room, on the other hand, can be converted into an office in a few simple steps using a shelf with a fold-out workstation. Sufficient storage space and counter space are also important to keep the room as tidy as possible.

Creative ideas for small spaces – The color scheme of the walls is an influential factor

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Light and cool colors make rooms appear more open and spacious, this applies to both the walls and the floor. A ceiling color in white or pastel tones that is lighter than the walls opens up the room and the ceiling appears higher. If you also paint a narrow strip around the ceiling in the same color as the walls, the ceiling appears farther away and the room appears higher.

There is also for small rooms optical tricks. Narrow rooms are made to look wider if you paint the shorter walls a darker color than the longer ones. It is also often said that one should avoid wallpapers with flashy graphic patterns in small rooms ?? However, if you choose a vertical stripe pattern, this will also stretch the space. If you order your wallpaper online, you don’t have to limit your choice of colors or size. At you can design your wallpaper yourself from scratch And finally, specify a room depth and length to the nearest centimeter when ordering, so that the wallpaper is cut exactly to your walls.

Decoration tricks with lights and mirrors


The more light falls in a small room, the better. Thin, delicate curtains that are as long as possible let in enough sunlight during the day and floodlights illuminate the entire ceiling at night. Large mirrors that reflect daylight and narrow, tall picture frames have a similar effect. Sliding doors are particularly practical in summer. When opened, they disappear into the wall, allowing the air to circulate from room to room and giving the rooms noticeably more space. If you don’t have sliding doors, you can completely detach through doors, for example between the hall and living room, for hot summer days.

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