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Create more storage space with made-to-measure shelving systems – 5 ideas

create storage space room divider-shelf system-step shelf

When furnishing an apartment, creating well-thought-out storage space is just as important as choosing the furniture. Because having enough space and storage space is not only important for small rooms. Larger rooms and apartments also benefit from clever planning and optimal use of space. Regardless of whether it is a living room, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom or kitchen: with a sensible storage space and order concept, every room appears structured and tidy. Popular tricks for obtaining more storage space are, for example, shelving systems and additional fixtures in niches, stairs or sloping ceilings. Today we’re going to give you some ideas on how to make the most of every space with custom-made shelving.

Individually designed storage space

built-in wardrobe-hallway-white-handleless-front-wardrobe create storage space

For everyone for whom standard dimensions do not fit or for whom their ideas regarding color and design are not exactly met, creative special solutions are available. Made-to-measure shelving adapts to any space with millimeter precision and transforms your own four walls into a tailor-made paradise. Such made-to-measure items are a luxury item? Doesn’t have to be like that. Custom-made shelves in good quality at fair prices – that’s what the Hamburg company Pickawood makes possible. on Customers can use an online configurator to assemble their shelves themselves from different types of wood and colors. You can determine the external dimensions, the number of shelves and the thickness of the boards and design your dream shelf according to your own taste. When planning, measuring is the alpha and omega. All you need are the dimensions of your desired shelf in length, width and depth. This gives you a basis for all further considerations about the “inside” of the shelf.

Create storage space with shelves above the door or around the bed

Storage space is created by shelves-over-door-door-converting cabinets

No more wasting space next to or above the door. A shelving system can be cleverly integrated as a door conversion into the given architecture and make perfect use of the available space. In this way you not only conjure up storage space where there is actually no, but also a cozy ambience. Individual shelf solutions can also be implemented for wide door frames or wing doors.

Similarly, the available space in the bedroom can be used better and more beautifully. A shelf around the bed makes the sleeping area a real favorite niche and at the same time offers storage space for books and the like. Night lights can be mounted on the side walls of the frame.

Step shelves are versatile


Stepped shelves offer great design freedom and plenty of storage space. They even create space under stairs and sloping ceilings, where a shelf with standard dimensions is rarely suitable. They are also a visual highlight as room dividers and the staircase shape can be used in many ways. With a Online configurator you again have the option of designing your step shelf individually and adapting it to your own requirements. The shelf doesn’t just have to be tapered. You can also adjust the individual heights of the steps and experiment with different shapes.

Use every niche


For a long time, niche was more of a negative word. But niches in the wall can be used as storage space or a decorative surface. Built-in cupboards, shelves and sitting areas are effective solutions for such difficult room situations. An even simpler and cheaper option would be wall boards that fit precisely into the niches. A wall board can be used in a variety of ways: as a storage space for books, for presenting family photos and memorabilia, or for storing your files in the home office.

Corner shelves ideal for difficult corners

Create-storage-space-corner-shelves-corner-library-living room

Empty corners in a room are often embellished with decorative elements such as high floor vases, simple indoor plants or sculptural objects. But if you don’t want to waste valuable storage space, you can adapt furniture to the size of the corner. A corner shelf is a nice living idea that looks good and makes good use of the available space in a corner of the room.

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and design your own, very individual dream furniture made to measure. Then sloping ceilings, corners and niches become sophisticated living and storage spaces that wonderfully create additional living space and create harmony.