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Cozy top floor apartment in a mountain hut – rustic charm made of wood in the mountains

cozy top floor apartment mountain hut rustic charm wood mountain style wood cladding sloping roof

Casa Maloja is a cozy attic apartment designed by the designer Enrico Bellotti in a wooden hut. The beautiful chalet is located in the ski resort of Bormio, which is close to the Swiss-Italian border. The lightness of the light coming from the skylights dampens the structure of the wood cladding. The architect Enrico Bellotti has dealt with the renovation of a mansard roof, which resulted in a subtle but modern and cozy attic apartment.

Cozy attic apartment made of natural wood

cozy attic apartment hunting lodge antlers chandelier kitchen island sink countertop sofa cushions color tones nuances pink

The interior is completely clad in wood, while the ambience offers an excellent combination of warm pastel colors and comfort. The attic apartment also has a modern fireplace and minimalist kitchen with enough space for culinary creations. The fireplace is near a sofa which makes the home environment cozy and warm. The entire attic has wood paneling that residents can enjoy in all of their uses. This extends from the floor to the ceiling, including the home accessories.

cozy top floor apartment hunting lodge antlers chandelier kitchen island sink built-in kitchen

The entrance consists of a small hallway with a roof and wooden walls. The living area is organized in a large open space where there is a kitchen, living room and dining room. Here, too, wood dominates.

cozy top floor apartment mountain hut rustic charm wood hallway aisle carpet marble

The same essence was used on the floor, ceiling, walls and some furniture. Thanks to the large area and the quality of the natural material, the cozy attic apartment radiates an inviting warmth from the inside. The modern glass fireplace also completes the cozy atmosphere of the attic.

cozy top floor apartment hunting lodge antler chandelier wooden table

The architect has also not integrated any superfluous elements such as fabrics or elaborate lighting in the room design, so that the rustic charm of the mountain hut can be retained. In the open space, the designer carefully designed both natural and artificial light. The impressive antler chandelier, which consists of deer horns, or better said of an antler crown, also contributes to this.

cozy attic apartment mountain hut dining area original painting dining table chairs wooden floor colorful cushions lamp

In order to improve the supply of daylight, two skylights were added to the gable roof. For the night hours, however, a series of artificial lights were used that shine from both the ceiling and the floor. In contrast to the decentralized living area, the kitchen is almost placed in a niche. To create a little contrast, one of the walls is white with black details added as well.

The right color match

cozy attic apartment mountain hut dining area original painting moose entrance

The dominance of wood in the attic so conveniently breaks the abundantly used black paint. The living space also conveys a touch of modernity and real functionality. On the other hand, there are passionately contrasting color nuances that, in the form of cushions, illuminate the gray sofa with generous proportions.

cozy attic apartment mountain hut bedroom decoration wardrobe sliding doors sleeping bed blanket pillows patterned

On the contrary, an interesting golden lamp represents the elegance in the dining room, while a cute closet in the bedroom is reminiscent of old times. The bedroom is accessed through a narrow corridor, which also reflects the general style of the house. Inside we actually find the alternation between the wood and the white of some of the walls.

Cozy top floor apartment in Nordic style

cozy attic apartment mountain hut dining area original painting hallway bedroom closet sleeping bed

The stylishly furnished interior creates a real holiday atmosphere in the mountains with its soft colors and comfortable upholstered furniture. As you can already see, the style is mainly reminiscent of a hunting lodge. You can feel the theme of the design in the dining room, where an original painting of a moose hangs on the wall. The Nordic tone is also given by woolen blankets, carpets with geometric patterns and a very impressive picture in the hallway.

cozy top floor apartment mountain hut dining area original painting dining table chairs wooden floor flowers lighting

In addition to the attractive Nordic style, this cozy top floor apartment impresses above all with its open spaces and airiness. The living room, kitchen and dining room have no unnecessary barriers, which makes the space pleasantly larger. In addition, the attic has a minimalist spirit so it doesn’t feel like a flood of furnishings. As you can see, living in the Nordic style can also make a warm impression, especially when wood and soft fabrics cannot do it alone.