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Coworking space in New York impresses with functionality and elegant interior design

coworking space reception color scheme black and white

In today’s post we would like to present the New Work Project Coworking Space to you. The open office community with its particularly homely character was designed by the interior design studio The New Design Project in New York City. Coworking space can be found all over the world. For some time now, coworking has been very popular as a trendy, new form of work among many freelancers and young companies. With this type of work, the focus is not on the time spent in the office, but on the work done and the end results. Coworking space undoubtedly has many advantages.

marble tables wall lights pendant lights coworking space

One of the main advantages is the saving of operating costs. If you opt for coworking office space, rent and operating costs are shared. While you are exposed to many distractions in the home office, a distinction is made between work and private space in coworking. The spatial separation also has a positive effect on leisure time. Sole proprietorship with an office or home office workers often lack contact with other employees. The lack of social contact can reduce productivity and motivation. Coworking strengthens the community spirit and it is not uncommon for true friendships to develop. If the people who share the open office space also sometimes work in similar industries, a solid network and collaborations can result. Coworking spaces are definitely no longer an experiment, but a legitimate way of working and sharing a space.

metallic effects marble tables chairs office space

The designers James Davison and Fanny Abbes from the interior design studio The New Design Project have created a unique place from a former foundry. The open office community in the Williamsburg district of New York was created from differently designed zones that can be rented. The modern coworking space has a gallery with open workstations, glazed telephone booths, a private studio with space for nine people and a lounge area.

lounge area sofa seating black and white

With this elegant open-plan office, the designers placed great emphasis not only on functionality, but also on aesthetics. The interior design fascinates with a black and white color scheme with great graphic details. The lights with metallic surfaces as well as the marble surfaces set beautiful accents and make the interior look noble. Creations by local designers have contributed to the modern overall look. Pierre Jeanneret, Friso Kramer, Jaime Hayon, Szymanski, Eskayel and others have created pieces of furniture and works of art that make up the modern interior design of this open office community.

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conference room office furniture interior pendant lights

design furniture coworking space modern elegant

phone booth glazed coworking space black

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