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Corten steel in the interior – 75 ideas in rust look

Corten steel in the interior ideas-wall panels-living room-regolare-de-castelli

Because of its special weather resistance, Corten steel is mainly used outdoors. Discover today the numerous uses of Corten steel in the interior and you will be surprised how this material can add value to your rooms. The brown and orange tones of the rusty surface convey a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Whether real Corten steel or imitations with a rust look, this furniture and wall coverings are a special eye-catcher in modern living spaces.

Corten steel in the interior – furniture with a rust look

Corten steel in the interior -ideen-Asami-Iron-Coffee table-Colico

Versatile and light, the Corten steel has inspired the designers at Colico Design for an absolutely contemporary furniture collection with a minimalist appeal. Functional pieces of furniture with clear lines and a pleasant patina.

Corten steel in the interior

Corten steel in the interior ideas-Asami-Iron-Sofa-Frame-Colico

For a living space with personality, Asami Iron is a modular sofa with a frame made of corten steel plates. The design can be personalized by choosing your favorite from a range of fabric, synthetic leather and leather upholstery.

Lume Iron pendant lamp

corten steel-interior-ideas-pendant-lamp-Colico-Lume-Iron

The Lume Iron lights are made of Corten steel and are available in different versions. Whether as a floor, table or pendant lamp, they will enhance your interiors with their sinuous and elegant lines.

Lume Iron floor lamp by Colico Design

Corten steel in the interior ideas-floor lamp-Lume-Iron-Colico-Design

Pure by Colico Design

corten steel-interior-ideas-Colico-dining table-rectangular

Pure is an elegant furniture collection with clear lines. The dining table consists of an aluminum frame and a table top made of Corten steel. Available in 4 different sizes.

Pure bookcase by Colico Design

Corten steel in the interior ideas-bookshelf-living room-pure-colico

Thanks to its modular structure, the Pure bookshelf is perfect for a minimalist interior with a loft flair.

Matrix wall shelves by Colico

Corten steel in the interior ideas-wall shelf-MATRIX-Colico

Nippon shelf systems from DeCastelli

corten steel-interior-ideas-DeCastelli-shelving-systems-wall panels

The Nippon bookcase was designed by Alberto Nason in 2013. The piece of furniture can be easily adapted to the digital and e-book era and transformed according to the needs and dimensions of the room. Thanks to the modular structure and the different depths of the shelves, there is also space for flower pots, items of clothing and lots of small items and accessories.

Celato from DeCastelli

Corten steel in the interior ideas-dresser-Celato-DeCastelli

Celato means hidden and secret. A name that perfectly describes this piece of furniture. At first glance you can hardly see the drawers at the front, because there are no handles, but gradually this chest of drawers lets its nature reveal itself.

Screen pot by Decastelli

corten steel-interior-ideas-flower-box-Screen-Pot-De-Castelli-trellis

Designed by François Clerc for De Castelli, this plant box with trellis redefines the classic flower box. The laser-cut corten steel plate was inspired by the forms in nature and shows a filigree leaf motif. The flower box not only serves as a climbing aid for climbing plants, but also as a room divider between different living areas.

Kubus bookshelf in Corten steel look

corten steel-interior-ideas-DeCastelli-bookshelf-cube

A 70 cm3 cube, the surface of which glows in several metal tones. When opened, the cube shows its function as a storage unit with an interior made of wood. It is not only available in Corten steel, but also in an iron, copper and brass look.

further planters in different sizes from DeCastelli

Corten steel in the interior ideas DeCastelli plant boxes

Wall cladding in Corten steel look by DeCastelli

corten steel-interior-ideas-DeCastelli-Collection

Regolar wall panels

corten steel-interior-ideas-wall cladding-panels-regoalre-DeCastelli

breathtaking stair designs from Metallconcept

Corten steel in the interior - ideas-metal concept-stairs-modern

The talented designers of Metal concept experiment not only with interesting shapes, but also with new materials for their beautiful stairs. Corten steel also finds a place in their interesting portfolio and looks particularly excellent when combined with stainless steel and wood.

floating steps made of corten steel


in contrast to a dark gray wall

corten steel-interior-ideas-metalconcept-folding stairs

Corten steel folding staircase with stainless steel handrail

corten steel-interior-ideas-metal-concept-stairs-metal-handrail

Segmento wall shelf from Inventoom


Segmento is not a traditional bookshelf, but a modern and versatile piece of furniture that can be integrated harmoniously into any interior. It consists of a single corten steel plate and has the typical dark brown color.

Mooie bookshelf from Elite to be

corten steel-interior-ideas-bookshelf-wood-elements-MOOIE-Elite-to-be

W SU Line from Ronda Design

corten steel-interior-ideas-bookshelf-wall-W-SU-LINE-Ronda-Design

Napala shelving system from Elite to be

corten steel-interior-ideas-bookshelf-design-Napala-Elitetobe

Buzz from Miniforms

corten steel-interior-ideas-bookcases-BUZZ-Miniforms

Polia wall lamp by Axo Light

corten steel-interior-ideas-halogen-wall-light-POLIA-AXO-LIGHT

Bon Bon dining table from Potocco

corten steel-interior-ideas-dining-table-rectangular-candy-Potocco-wood-tabletop

Big Table by Bonaldo

corten steel-interior-ideas-dining-table-Bonaldo-wood-tabletop-rectangular

corten steel-interior-ideas-dining-table-BON-BON-Potocco

Inclinart wall unit with corten steel fronts by Presotto

corten steel-interior-ideas-presotto-living-wall-white-corten steel-fronts

backlit wall unit

corten steel-interior-ideas-living-wall-lacquer-corten steel-fronts-presotto

wall-mounted sideboard


free-standing sideboard

corten steel-interior-ideas-presotto-INCLINART-sideboard

Concrete pendant lamp Colacem in rust optics by Aldo Bernardi

corten steel-interior-ideas-concrete-pendant-lamp-COLACEM-Aldo-Bernardi-rust-optics

hanging over the coffee table

corten steel-interior-ideas-concrete-pendant-lamp-rust-optic-Colacem-living room

Slifton 2A House by Saota


Silver Bay House by Saota

corten steel-interior-ideas-chimney-concrete-Silver-Bay-SAOTA

Chimney cladding in corten steel look

corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace-insert-glass-window-cladding

Corten steel in the bathroom – is it possible?

corten steel-interior-ideas-bathroom-Tempo-House-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura

corten steel-interior-ideas-chimney-partition-stairs

corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace-cladding-corner-bedroom

corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace-cladding-gas-fireplace

corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace-wall-cup-shelves-Elle-Ci

corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace-cladding-partition-wall-function

corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace cladding-living room-wood-wall panels


corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace-cladding-bedroom

corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace-cladding-wood-storage-living room

Corten steel in the interior ideas-fireplace cladding-high-ceiling-wood

corten steel-interior-ideas-fireplace-cladding-gray-sofa



corten steel-interior-ideas-wall cladding-passage area


corten steel-interior-ideas-wall-panels-table-top

corten steel-interior-ideas-stairs-DeCastelli-natural stone wall

corten steel-interior-ideas-stairs-DeCastelli-glass partition

corten steel-interior-ideas-pedestal washbasin-wood-combination-Tuesta-Furniture

corten steel-3d-wall-panels-rust-patina-inside

corten steel-dining-table-rectangular-Gianvittorio-Plazzogna-et-Roberto-Papparotto

corten steel-kitchen-island-glass-splash protection


corten steel panels-flower motif-wall decoration-inside

corten steel-interior-ideas-wall cladding-rust optics



corten steel-interior-ideas-coffee-table-living room-Eliva-Gonzalo-De-Salas

corten steel-interior-ideas-coffee-table-glass-stone-MALLORCA-Gonzalo-De-Salas