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Converting the basement into living space – tips & ideas for the perfect room


More and more, homeowners are rediscovering their basement, so to speak, and come up with the idea of ​​converting this otherwise little-used area of ​​the house into a cozy living area. And we think that’s a great idea too. However, there are a few things to consider with this task so that you actually achieve the result that you expect. We would therefore like to give you some tips in this article to help you do the correct and perfect Convert basement into living space can.

Converting the basement into living space – planning

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The basement can be converted into any type of room. As long as no independent apartment is built, no permits are required. Planning ahead is very important. First, think about the type of room you want to design and then what kind of budget you have available. If you convert the basement into living space, you can expect a not very low sum. You should consider and calculate all of this in advance so that there are no surprises during the renovation.

Convert basement into living space – lighting and ventilation systems

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Basement rooms are usually very dark. Whatever room you want to design, providing enough light is of great importance. After all, you want to feel at home like in a normal living space and not like in a basement. Windows are an important point here for sufficient daylight and are even required by law from a certain room size. Permanent occupation is not permitted without a window. Otherwise ventilation can be installed.

What to do with the basement?

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The fact that you should think about the type of room in advance is also an important point because the necessary installations are often missing in the basement. For example, if you want to set up a bathroom, the necessary plumbing may be missing and need to be added first, which again entails additional costs. There are also often no prerequisites for heating or electricity.

Insulate the basement

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Insulating the basement is one of the first important steps if you want to convert the basement into living space. You can get this quickly with thermal insulation panels. The advantage of this construction project is that you can reduce future energy costs in this way. Insulation on the ceiling also insulates the basement very well. Depending on the type of ceiling, it is either attached directly to the ceiling or achieved in the form of a suspended ceiling.

Flooring in the basement

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The ground also needs to be prepared. A sealing coat is necessary, followed by panel or bulk insulation. A subfloor then provides the necessary basis for any underfloor heating. If you have not planned one, the screed will follow immediately. Now you can apply any floor covering when converting the basement into living space. There are no limits to this.

How can I furnish my basement?


Once you have converted the basement into a habitable room with all the necessary installations, you can start setting up. Of course, this varies depending on the type of room. You should set up the basement sensibly. This extended room can be used as an additional bedroom if new children are expected. Again, it should be noted that in this case there must be enough windows.

Ideas for the basement


If you have really decided what you would like to use the redesigned room for, then below is a list of popular ideas that are implemented most frequently. Perhaps you can use them as inspiration if you also convert your basement into living space.

Design a party room


The basement can also be converted into a party room. This is an advantage if there is no space for a bar and games such as billiards in the upper living rooms. The space can also be used perfectly in the cold and rainy season. If you convert the basement into living space in this way, a toilet and sink in the basement is recommended so that you don’t always have to run upstairs.

Idea for a library

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The isolated room in the lower part of the house offers peace and relaxation. That’s why setting up a library after converting the basement into living space is a great idea. Think of good lighting to protect your eyes. If the basement is too big for a single library, divide the room into two areas. A lounge should not be missing. There you can read the book with the necessary comfort.

Set up an office in the basement

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A study is also very suitable for the basement for the reasons mentioned above. If you work there all day, this idea of ​​converting a basement into living space is more suitable if there are also windows. The desk should also preferably be by the window. If you have a small basement, use space-saving office furniture for furnishing.

Set up guest rooms

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If you often have guests who also stay with you, you would like to offer them something more comfortable than the sofa. Don’t you have a free room on the ground floor? In this case, the basement is again a perfect option. The area can really be made extremely cozy, as you can see from this example. This will give you a practical result when converting the basement into living space.

Children’s room design


Whether it’s a children’s room or a playroom, your child will simply feel wonderful in their new area, provided you follow the tips above when converting the basement into living space. A playroom is not only useful for the children because there is a lot of space. The parents can also relax better now, because the romping around in the basement is nowhere near as loud as when the children romping above you.

Sauna in the basement

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The cellar can also be used as a wellness oasis after it has been expanded. And admittedly, the idea is really seductive. Don’t you have a bathtub in the upstairs bathroom, but you really want one? Then design a new bathroom in the bathroom that you can only use for bathing. A sauna is of course also recommended for the perfect spa atmosphere and relaxation. Complete sets are available that can be installed quickly and easily after you have converted the basement into living space.

Cellar as a workshop


If you don’t have a garage but like to do handicrafts, you may have thought of the basement or even stowed your tools there. Make your personal workshop perfect by insulating the room well, equipping it with a heater and redecorating it. Spread out shelves and set up a workbench. That makes the work easier and makes it much more fun at the same time. An extra entrance from the garden is also an advantage.

Set up a home theater in the basement


Who hasn’t dreamed of having their own cinema? The basement is a suitable room for this, especially if it is soundproofed. Of course, this is a very expensive idea. It doesn’t have to be so luxurious either. After converting the basement into living space, a simple home theater system and a large television will also be enough to make watching movies a better experience. Comfortable seating is also a must.

Set up fitness room in the basement


Why spend the money on the gym when you can put good equipment in the house. But since these are quite large and take up a lot of space, there is usually no space for them in the house. And this is where the basement comes into play again. A solid floor, good ventilation, possibly a mirror and high-quality equipment are all you need to get started with your fitness program. Follow the rules when converting the basement into living space.

Establishment of a laundry room

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Or you can simply use the basement again after the renovation for what it is intended for in most cases. A spacious laundry room is a dream of many housewives. There is not only enough space for the washing machine but also a dryer. Many cupboards for bed linen, detergents or other cleaning products can also be accommodated here. As you can see, you can design the basement according to your wishes and now set up the unused space sensibly by converting the basement into living space.